FS Multi-Rate Hybrid DWDM Solution Provides More Possibilities for Company 3 Future Business


Company 3 is a top post-production company with talented colorists and visual effects artists. It provides high-quality services to respected film and entertainment professionals, including color grading, DI workflows, visual effects, and online services.

Customer Needs & Challenges

  • To increase the capacity of four dual-fiber links to 485G, 10G/25G/100G multi-rate services must be transmitted together.

  • Due to limited fiber resources, 10G/25G DWDM signals and 1310nm 100G signals must be transmitted on the same link.

  • With numerous customer service sites, user-friendly network management software is needed to reduce maintenance costs as on-site personnel at every site are not feasible.

The Solution

The M6200 platform supports mixed transmission of multiple rate services and can be combined with FWDM devices for 1310nm and DWDM services to be transmitted on the same fiber without interference. Plug-and-play sub-cards and web-based software management greatly reduce installation and maintenance difficulty, providing customers with convenient service.

M6200 Unlocked Multi-Rate Mixed Transmission of Customer's Links

The customer had four links, each of which required a business capacity of 485G, and was a mix of multi-rate business including 10G/25G/100G. Additionally, the customer needed to expand further in the future. To meet the customer's needs, FS provided the M6200 solution, which was paired with 40CH MUX/DEMUX, FWDM, EDFA and other devices, to achieve a business transmission of 6*10G+13*25G+1*100G. In addition, we have reserved 20CH business for the customer to expand his business in the future, to meet the customer's high capacity and multi-rate mixed transmission needs. The solution featured scalable and flexible, providing a long-term solution for customer business development.

DWDM Solution

FWDM Achieved Efficient Transmission on Limited Fiber Resources

The optical fiber resources in the customer link were limited, and it was desired to transmit 1310nm wavelength signals and DWDM C-band signals on the same link at the same time. As there was already an EDFA device on the link, FS provided a passive FWDM device to transmit 100G LR4 QSFP28 1310nm wavelength signals, enabling the simultaneous transmission of 10G, 25G, and 100G signals. This solution enabled the customer to efficiently transmit multiple signals on limited optical fiber resources, improving link utilization.

DWDM Solution

Solve Deployment Difficulties and Reduce Link Operation Costs

The customer had four links involving multiple sites, and the deployment and maintenance of the solution required high technical expertise. Due to the need to reduce maintenance costs, assigning dedicated technicians to each site was impossible.

FS provides the M6200 platform, which offers dual main control and dual power to ensure the reliability of network management. In addition, the sub-cards of the M6200 platform are modularly designed, including power sub-cards, management cards, and service cards, supporting hot-swapping and on-site replacement. The M6200 platform also supports out-of-band OSC remote management and web management methods, allowing for easy viewing of critical data and alarm information on-site or remotely through WEB management. The M6200 series provides efficient and easy-to-deploy solutions, with multiple optical layer boards supporting main control board 1+1 protection and visual management, achieving a secure and efficient seamless deployment and resolving issues such as high maintenance costs and complex deployment.


The Benefits

By understanding the pain points of the customer, we optimized product selection to design a cost-effective solution. We provided clear explanations of the details of the solution to help the customer understand why they should replace their 100G LR4 module and add FWDM to their budget for a better-performing network. It is precisely because of the advantages of FS products and solutions that customers finally decide to choose FS to advance their projects.

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