FS Multi-Rate Point-to-Point Long Distance Transmission Solution for Bank Network


The client is a renowned financial institution in Kuwait, with a rich history dating back to the 1960s. With a strong focus on digital transformation, the bank is dedicated to enhancing customer experiences and offering innovative financial and investment solutions to its expanding customer base. From retail banking to large-scale project financing, the client leverages its substantial capital base and decades of expertise to play a pivotal role in Kuwait's economy. As a major financier, the bank has successfully arranged loan streams for numerous power, construction, and infrastructure projects, cementing its position as a prominent player in Kuwait's financial landscape.

"In the process of building branches in our bank, we need to realize high-speed data transmission between the three sites. Finally, we chose FS DWDM optical transmission solution. From model selection to installation and commissioning, FS staff are very professional and provide us with comprehensive technical support and services. We are very satisfied with FS solutions and services, and thank FS for its support and help. We will continue to choose FS as our partner."-S.M.Rehman, Sr. Manager, Networks & Infrastructure


  • The customer's business increased rapidly, and the existing network structure can not meet the current business needs. The customer plans to add a new site business and expand the existing two sites.

  • Link failure will bring great economic losses to the bank. The customer hopes that the solution can be equipped with ring protection under the premise of cost control.


FS M6200: The Ultimate Choice for Long-Distance, High-Capacity 10G/40G Multi-Service Transmission

The customer's current network structure can not meet the needs of capacity expansion, and they hope to expand the capacity of each site channel while adding a new site. The transmission capacity reach up to 460G and the data rates varify from 1G/10G/25G/40G. Considering the cost, maintenance difficulty, dispersion and power compensation accuracy, we recommends 10G transmission. However, in a single-fiber environment, the maximum transmission rate is 160G with 16CH MUX/DEMUX, which can't meet client needs. To achieve 40*10G service transmission and capacity expansion, we suggest 10G dual-fiber solution. To control costs, the client reduced transmission requirements for some services, reducing the total to 330G. They ultimately chose the M6200 series with 40CH DWDM Mux Demux for ultra-large capacity, multi-service, and long-distance transmission.

Reliable Ring Protection Helps Tackle Business Growth Challenges with Ease

The client is one of the largest financial institutions locally. The amount of data processed every day is huge. Once a failure occurs, it will bring great economic losses to the client. Therefore, it is very important for the client to ensure rapid business recovery and post-disaster reconstruction. To meet our client's needs for a reliable ring protection solution while lowering costs, we recommend configuring ring network protection using switches to back up the main service path. Switches utilize ERPS, STP, and other ring protection protocols to automatically switch to the backup path in case of a main path failure, ensuring normal business transmission, post-disaster recovery, and data security without adding optical fibers to the site. As the client's business grows, they can realize channel upgrades by flexibly configuring switches and replacing modules. With this solution, clients can tackle business growth challenges while controlling costs.


FS offers an dependable and effective DWDM ring solution, which perfectly meets the high-speed, stable, and reliable requirements of bank customers for multi-site data transmission. With over a decade of experience in optical transmission technology and solution deployment, we are your go-to partner for your transmission needs. FS is a trusted expert in optical communication equipment and solutions. Contact us anytime for professional consultation on solution design or equipment selection.

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