Posted on Jul 14, 2023
The customer is a company focused on flower sales and distribution, they need to build a high-quality warehouse wireless network in an environment with limited wireless network signal and low temperature and high humidity. FS provides high-performance, waterproof APs and wireless controllers for customer's warehouse. This solution achieves full wireless signal coverage in a low temperature and high humidity environment.
  • Challenge 1
    PCs and handheld scanners (PDAs) in certain areas of the warehouse are experiencing unstable network connectivity.
  • Challenge 2
    The temperature in cold storage where flowers are stored ranges from 0°C to -18°C, and the environment is highly humid.
  • Challenge 3
    The networks of multiple regional warehouses are not interconnected, and equipment failures cannot be detected promptly.
  • AP and AC Combo Achieves Full Wireless Network Coverage
    Quality of flower warehouse wireless networks affects daily operations and employee efficiency. FS deploys AP-T567 and AP-T565 with wireless controller for full coverage, seamless roaming, and improved work efficiency and customer experience.
  • Powerful AP Ensures Stable and Reliable Network in Cold Storage
    Cold storage preserves flowers at low temperatures and high humidity. FS Solutions' chosen AP-T567 and AP-T565 have an IP68 protection rating for dust and moisture resistance, ensuring smooth, high-speed network operations in cold storage for improved employee network experience.
  • FS Aireware Cloud Platform Supports Multi-Branch Operation and Maintenance
    Customer has multiple flower warehouses, but they are not interconnected, increasing operation and maintenance costs. FS Airware cloud management software solves this issue by supporting real-time monitoring, cloud troubleshooting, and malfunction information collection, reducing manual troubleshooting time and labor costs.
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