Posted on Jul 14, 2023
This is a daily necessities production company founded in the 1980s and headquartered in Europe. The customer's large warehouses in Europe are facing the problem of rapid growth in the number of user terminals. FS's Wi-Fi 6 solution with Airware cloud management offers high-quality signal coverage and seamless roaming with indoor and outdoor APs.
  • Challenge 1
    The warehouse has high ceilings and poor WiFi coverage at ground level.
  • Challenge 2
    The signal is attenuated by the varying height of the shelves in the warehouse area.
  • Challenge 3
    The number of terminals such as AGV trolleys is high, but the connection is unstable.
  • Scenario Replication, Exploring Demands for Wi-Fi Networks in Automated Warehousing
    With the increase in the number of terminals and innovations in AGV equipment applications, the demand for wireless networks has increased. AGV equipment improves efficiency and reduces costs, requiring a highly reliable Wi-Fi network. FS optimizes AP placement with site survey maps for optimal wireless coverage.
  • Combined Omni-Directional and Directional APS Meet All User Needs
    FS deployed both omni-directional and directional APs in the warehouse for signal coverage. AP-T567 was used for shelving areas and AP-N505/N515 for AGV and office areas to lower costs. AC+AP networking achieved seamless switching for uninterrupted business operations and reliable data transmission.
  • FS Airware Cloud Management Platform Automates Initial Setup and Configuration
    FS recommends Airware cloud management platform to customers for centralized management of wireless devices, real-time alerts, and fault location. Meanwhile, the SG-5105 security gateway is used between the intranet and the external network for customer network security and data privacy protection.
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