FS Reliable 40G Fiber Optic Cabling Solution Helps Build a New High-Density Data Center for the Entertainment Industry


The client is an Indian entertainment industry company established in 1916, whose award-winning team of artists and technical experts collaborates with the global creative community to provide audiences with a universal artistic experience of storytelling. It provides high-quality visual effects services to global entertainment, media, and advertising industries, which require high-performance network support. The client plans to build a new data center including a reliable cabling solution for 10G-40G products and a smooth upgrade to 100G in the future.


1. A large amount of cabling in the data center makes maintenance and management difficult. Therefore, a simple and reliable fiber optic cabling solution is required to quickly locate and troubleshoot issues.

2. The timeline for the new data center construction project is tight, as the client hopes to complete the delivery of the fiber optic cabling system within one month to ensure that the project can be deployed on time and put into use quickly.


FS helped the client build a new reliable data center fiber optic cabling system by providing high-density, future-oriented structured cabling solutions FHD® series products.

Improved flexibility and scalability with smooth upgrades

The client needs to achieve a 40G-4x10G connection and upgrade to 100G in the future in the new data center. Therefore, for the later upgrade and maintenance, data center cabling in the initial design should be comprehensively considered. To meet this demand, FS recommended the self-developed FHD® series products to the client, using a 24F 3 x MTP®-8 cassette combined with FHD® 1U sliding fiber enclosure, MTP trunk cables, LC jumpers, and 10G SR and 40G SR4 optical modules to achieve a 40G-4x10G connection. It can also be upgraded smoothly to 100G by replacing the corresponding 100G SR4 and 25G SR transceivers. This fiber optic cabling solution greatly reduces maintenance and upgrade costs for the client while improving the flexibility and scalability of the data center.

data center cabling

Simplified maintenance with the FHD® ultra-high-density solution

The client has a large number of fiber cables in its data center, making cabling maintenance and management difficult. Then FS recommended the FHD® fiber cassettes, high-density modular cabling products, that include labeling for identifying channels, wiring, and polarity, allowing data center administrators to quickly locate any issues with the cabling. The FHD® 1U sliding fiber enclosure, designed to accept up to 4 MTP® modular cassettes in a 1U space with a 15° sliding and tilt-down for easy access to fiber cables while the rear cables maintain proper slacking and spooling, provides an ultra-high-density cabling solution for high-performance data centers. Inside the cabinet are FS vertical cable managers and zip ties to achieve professional cable management, making it easy for future maintenance. This simple and easy-to-use solution can quickly locate and troubleshoot issues, saving a significant amount of data center cabling maintenance and management time and cost.

FS global warehouse with fast delivery and quick response

The client hopes to put the fiber optic cabling system into use within a short period. FS has global warehouses, and our expert team took only two weeks from the requirement to design to delivery, while most companies need at least two months to complete the entire process from survey to design, implementation, and delivery of the solution. FS can quickly respond to customer requirements in regions like the United States, Europe, Australia, and Singapore. We cooperate with international logistics and local express companies to ensure transportation efficiency and cargo safety, which help customers quickly deploy their projects and improve business efficiency.

fast delivery

Customer Benefits

FS ensures that the client receives high-performance high-density solutions on time to quickly build and operate a new data center fiber optic cabling system with improved efficiency and significant benefits of data center maintenance and management.

“Highly recommended for anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective networking solution.” --Ranjan V(Procurement Manager)

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