Posted on Jun 25, 2023
The client is a computing and network resource cloud service operator in the United States, providing sustainable cloud and data storage solutions for government and enterprises. FS security resource pooling solution is a bypass-star deployment mode which has broken through the traditional string security deployment mode. It meets users' security service needs of different business types, and at the same time, it also improves network reliability.
  • Challenge 1
    The traffic passed through all the security devices, which led to much higher pressure on the device and network latency.
  • Challenge 2
    Different tenants had different requirements for security services.
  • Challenge 3
    Security device upgrades could cause business disruption.
  • Clarifying Businesses and Deploying PBR to Improve Users' Experience
    By analyzing the sensitivity of service data, FS engineers suggested that all services should be classified first, and switch equipment NC8200-4TD and N8560-48SC supporting flexible routing strategy should be deployed. Different traffic is imported to different security devices through Policy-Base Routing(PBR).
  • Resource Pooling Allows Security Services to Be Customized
    FS designed the ServiceChain service chain scheme to pool the security device resources. By hanging the FS switch NC8200-4TD beside the core switch, all the security devices are connected to the switch and connect to the upper management platform through its NetConf protocol. After deploying the scheme, different tenants can realize security service customization through the upper management platform.
  • Flexible Traffic Switching Strategy Ensures Business Continuity
    After deploying the security resource pooling scheme, the client completely shields the underlying hardware device through virtualization technology and then adds the corresponding security device. After the expansion and upgrade are completed, the upper software automatically migrates the business traffic to the corresponding physical device. Smooth upgrade plans increase customer stickiness with higher demand for business continuity.
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