FS Security Surveillance Solution to Solve the Retail Supermarket Security Difficulties


This retail supermarket is located in Singapore and was established in 1999. It mainly offers a wide range of products including food, beverages, fresh produce, daily necessities, household items, electronics, and more. With a diverse selection of products and relatively affordable prices, it is popular among consumers.

Customer Needs & Challenges

  • The current monitoring screen was not clear enough to check the details clearly.

  • It was unable to obtain information related to the cashier, and unable to obtain evidence for transaction disputes.

  • It was unable to understand consumer's preferences sufficiently and make timely adjustments to consumer attention areas.

The Solution

FS.com has arranged various types of targeted cameras with specific functions in each area of the current supermarket based on its pain points. Video HPC intelligent analysis technology is used to achieve insight into data on "people", "goods", "scenes", and other aspects, helping to promote the stable development of the supermarket.

HD Cameras Capture Details and Enhance Store Management Capabilities

To ensure HD monitoring, FS.com use 2MP and 5MP cameras (such as IPC101-2M-B, IPC101-5M-B, IPC301-5M-F, etc.) in the regular areas of the supermarket. The top of the shelf is equipped with IPC205-5M-P, which can support setting preset patrols to cover a large area, or zoom in on a specific area to see more details. For entrance and exit areas with obvious lighting differences or potential crowds, 120db WDR wide dynamic range cameras such as IPC301-5M-T and IPC301-8M-B are arranged to solve the problem of poor monitoring effectiveness in strong lighting environments.

The monitoring room can display HD monitoring images from various cameras in real-time, and receive and process alarm information promptly in case of abnormal situations, greatly enhancing management capabilities. In addition, the wide dynamic range cameras also support the function of counting the flow of people, output customer flow reports according to time periods. It can help to keep track of the supermarket's operation and analyse the business for the management team, and further promote its smooth operation.


POS Integration Enhances Service Capabilities and Consumer Experience

Eugene said that their store was often troubled by transaction disputes before, but currently the store lacks cashier-related information. This situation has led to transaction disputes in stores that can only be resolved by retrospectively querying a large amount of monitoring data, which cannot quickly locate abnormalities, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

To solve this problem, FS.com installed super HD cameras IPC205-5M-P and NVR204-32C at the cashier desk to support the access of IP POS machines. These devices can superimpose and display all day HD video images and the corresponding POS information, which makes it unnecessary to view a large number of surveillance videos when a customer has a transaction dispute, but quickly retrieves the video recording containing the checkout information through characters. This innovation solves the problem that it is difficult to obtain evidence, which is of great significance for the retrospective investigation of future incidents, improves the dispute resolution ability of supermarkets, and thus significantly improves consumer satisfaction.


HD Fisheye Camera Acts as a Customer Profiling Tool

Currently, the supermarket lack consumer analysis tools, which makes it difficult to deeply understand consumers' preferences and adjust sales strategies in time. FS.com HD fisheye cameras, IPC301-5M-F and IPC701-12M-F, provide additional consumer analysis functions. These cameras can detect the number of people in a certain area within a unit of time, and report this information to the platform on time for customer analysis and business use. On the heat map, the darker the color, the more people are staying in that area (red > purple > yellow > green > blue). The supermarket can analyze consumer focus areas based on the heat map, to adjust store products on time and increase profitability.


The Benefits

FS.com security surveillance solution can assist retail supermarkets in business exploration, such as safety loss prevention, store management, and product marketing, improving operational efficiency and commercial competitiveness. Through behavior monitoring and intelligent analysis, it provides strong data support for the marketing of each product, increasing sales and profitability.

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