FS Smart Office Solution Optimizes the Remote Work Experience for the Game Company


The company is an innovative company focused on game development and design using a remote working model. Team members can work from the place of their choice and use advanced remote collaboration tools such as Slack, Zoom, Trello, etc. to ensure efficient team collaboration and information sharing. FS smart office products help the company effectively solve many problems in remote collaboration.

Customer Needs & Challenges

  • The client had limited video footage, and some participants could not be shown in the video.

  • The sound pickup and sound insulation effect of the current meeting was poor,and the participants may not be able to hear clearly.

  • The corporate conference room was too small to accommodate too much audio and video equipment.

The Solution

FS smart office equipment provides the customer with an efficient, convenient, and secure remote working environment, which makes video conferencing simple and easy.

100° Horizontal Field of View Perfectly Covers the Conference Room

Video conferencing is the main communication method in the company. During the game development process, members of the development team need to communicate frequently to discuss issues such as game design and code debugging. Therefore, the quality of video conferences is directly related to the progress and quality of game development. At the same time, in the video conference, the customer hopes to clearly capture everyone's situation, so that everyone can feel more involved. To this end, FS launches the FC550S camera, which has a distortion-free function and a 100° horizontal field of view. It can clearly capture all meeting participants. This has great implications for shortening the distance between teams or customers and promoting better collaboration and communication.


Intelligent Sound Capture without Limit by the Environment

One significant issue with remote work is the uncontrollable environment, and the messy environment may cause many problems for video conferencing. For example, participants may feel anxious due to poor sound pickup and sound insulation, which affects the effectiveness and participation of the meeting. In order to solve these problems, the FC550S camera is equipped with 4 omnidirectional microphones and high-quality speakers, supports noise reduction algorithms and full-duplex audio, which can greatly improve the conference experience. No matter what kind of environment, FC550S can provide clear, high-quality audio and video effects, so that participants can focus on the discussion and decision-making of the meeting without being disturbed by environmental factors.


High Integration and Convenient Use in Any Space

Since most meetings in enterprises are small in scale, meeting rooms and family space are relatively limited, so customers have high requirements for product integration, ease of use, and space-saving. In response to this demand, the FC550S camera adopts an integrated design, which can be conveniently placed on the desktop without taking up too much space, and meets the conference needs of BYOD (bring your own device) for corporate personnel. In addition, FC550S also has USB 2.0 plug-and-play function, which makes the deployment and use of the camera very easy. In this way, users can quickly use the FC550S camera without cumbersome installation and configuration procedures, conveniently participate in meetings, and improve the efficiency and convenience of meetings.


The Benefits

By building FS smart office products, the customer enjoy an excellent video conferencing experience. It greatly improves the remote office conditions. The product has excellent viewing angles, high-definition video, audio capture and noise reduction functions. It allows team members to clearly see and hear each other's information, shortens communication gaps and improves collaboration efficiency. In addition, the use of smart office products has also become easier. It only needs to be connected to the computer through the USB interface, and it is easy to use, which greatly reduces the difficulty of use and learning costs.

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