FS Spine-Leaf Solution Helps Financial Service Providers Build a Robust and Reliable Network

Updated on Aug 17, 2022


SBI Japannext Co., Ltd., a financial service provider in Japan, provides a platform for users to trade securities and stocks in an attempt to spearhead and drive innovations in the Japanese capital market. The company is now looking for a new switch to be used in a spine-leaf network for its customer environment and IT projects. FS helps Japannext build an ideal spine-leaf architecture with FS data center switches and FS transceiver modules.


The future development of Japannext is hindered by a number of challenges, such as the increasing amount of information and data, the growing demand for capital and data exchange, and the precarious cyber attacks. These challenges create problems for Japannext, who aims to deliver efficient financial services and plans on growth and service expansion. Its current data center network is not secure and stable enough to guarantee quality services. Plus, long delays that sometimes occur create bottlenecks in communication. Thus, Japannext's network has to be optimized to achieve high security, great stability, and low latency.


FS chooses N5860-48SC data center switch, QSFP28-SR4-100G and SFP-10GSR-85 transceiver modules to optimize Japannext's spine-leaf network. FS N5860-48SC switches use MLAG technology and SNMPV3 to ensure network stability, avoid single point of failure, and deliver great switch performance. The switch adopts link aggregation technology to efficiently use link bandwidth and increase switch interface speed.

FS N5860-48SC switches adopt the industry-leading CPU protection strategy (CPP) technology, which is an advanced hardware-based CPU protection mechanism to distinguish the data flow to the CPU and process data according to queue priority. Bandwidth control is implemented to protect CPU from unauthorized traffic consumption, malicious attacks and resource consumption, thus ensuring high security. Moreover, the switch supports RoCE which can achieve lower latency than its predecessor, iWARP protocol. With all these features FS switches and transceiver modules provide, Japannext successfully builds a safe and stable spine-leaf architecture.

FS Spine-Leaf Solution

Customer Benefits

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FS helps Japannext bring its spine-leaf network to the next level with high-performance data center switches and transceiver modules. The support of MLAG, ROCE, CPP,SNMPv3 and other technologies helps Japannext's network reduce equipment redundancy without wasting physical bandwidth and increases network stability. With optimized architecture, Japannext greatly improves its internal KPI and service efficiencies. It believes it will win the trust of more satisfied customers in the future.


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