Posted on Jul 26, 2023
Buy It Direct, a private distributor and retailer of communication products in the UK, partnered with FS to establish a network for their new warehouse layout. FS efficiently communicated and designed the solution, simplifying wiring while ensuring traffic distribution. It successfully met customer expectations, achieving the network construction of the customer's warehouse.
  • Challenge 1
    Seeking a streamlined cabling solution while maintaining network redundancy and stability.
  • Challenge 2
    After Brexit, the tariff policy has changed, making freight a crucial consideration.
  • Challenge 3
    The warehouse network had to be built within the same month, and the office network within 3 months, making the delivery date urgent.
  • Stacking: Core Switches Unite for Optimal Performance
    We advised the customer to add an extra pair of connections to the core switches in case of master switch failure in the stacking units. Stacking expands port count and boosts network capacity. Stackable switches provide a cost-effective and highly scalable solution.
  • MLAG: Effortlessly Control Traffic Distribution Across Multiple Links
    Configured with MLAG for enhanced core switch availability without compromising link quantity due to spanning tree (STP) considerations. Traffic flow remains unaffected using LACP. The S5850 series was selected as the core switch, preventing connection loss in the event of main switch or uplink failure. Stacking was implemented in the office area to expand switch ports and ensure network security.
  • Warehouse and Office Networks Seamlessly Integrated for Optimal Performance
    Our team calculated the core switching capacity, considering both stacking and stacking & MLAG solutions. The switch combination consists of POE switches and core switches, with 4-5 PoE switches in each layer, totaling two layers. Stack A is located on the first floor, while Stack B is on the second floor.
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