Posted on Aug 16, 2023
Savills Singapore is a top global real estate provider, offering diverse services like consulting, investment agency, community transactions, and property management. FS created a WiFi solution for great user experience, boosting customer return, and mall image. It also simplifies network management, ensuring reliable and stable Internet, aiding business growth.
  • challenge 1
    Simplifying management and monitoring is necessary to address WIFI network management challenges.
  • challenge 2
    To ensure network security, we must address hidden vulnerabilities and enhance security and privacy protection.
  • challenge 3
    For large traffic and extensive venues, it is essential to address the demands of high-density users and ensure stable network connections.
  • FS Airware: All-Weather Management
    Malls require numerous APs, challenging intelligent querying, monitoring, and configuration. FS Airware Cloud Management Platform integrates HPC, big data, and IoT tech for comprehensive data monitoring and intelligent decision-making. The FS Airbox app aids admins in efficiently managing Wi-Fi, reducing costs, and addressing management issues in malls with multiple APs.
  • AC: Central hub, centralized management
    To manage APs wisely, FS recommends centralized management and rational allocation using AC to intelligently manage access points. Utilizing FS AC that supports roaming and seamless switching ensures a quality user experience and constant connectivity. Strong security management protects user privacy. FS provides customer with efficient, stable, and secure wireless network services.
  • AP full coverage, wireless roaming
    Ensuring seamless WIFI access throughout the vast mall venue is a challenge. FS suggests using advanced indoor APs. These APs utilize powerful wireless technology for extensive signal coverage, ensuring stable network connectivity indoors. They support various deployment methods, such as wall mounting and ceiling installation, to meet different scenario needs.
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