FS Transmission Optical Solution Helps an Airline Achieve Safe and Reliable Data Transfer

"With the transmission optical module solution, we are more convenient in flight scheduling and management. This solution provides us with more powerful data transmission capabilities, which greatly improves our work efficiency and allows us to better cope with complex air traffic control tasks. We strongly recommend the QSFP28-ER4-100G optical module solution, hoping that more users can enjoy its advantages of high speed, long distance, and security." Ryan(Infrastructure Engineer)

An airline in Singapore hopes to build high communication efficiency between the data centre and the airport to ensure that the flight data can be sent to headquarters in real-time, in order to control the flight position and status of the aircraft, and keep operations running efficiently, while ensuring the safety and security of people and systems.

Customer Needs & Challenges

Singapore is situated near the equator and has a typical tropical climate, with abundant rainfall, high and uniform temperatures, and high humidity all year round. Affected by the local climate, the server room is in a high-humidity environment all year round. All the elements in the system may get exposed to humidity, resulting in quality degradation. Ryan is always concerned about how to ensure the stable and effective operation of equipment and modules in the server room in such a humid environment.

The distance between the customer data centre and the airport is 33 km. Link aging results in the link loss. The data has to travel approximately 40 kilometers long to reach the terminals. A stable, reliable, and effective data transmission should be set up to connect staff, and systems, against the dispersion of optical fibers.

The air transport industry requires high reliability and stability of data centres. Any interruption or fault may cause serious consequences. Therefore, data centres need high availability, fault tolerance, and backup capabilities to ensure data security and continuity.

singapore data centre

The Solution

The FS team developed a transmission optical solution with a box-packaged QSFP28-ER4-100G transceiver module based on the actual situation and needs of the airline. The business data was sent to the airport through radio, and the airport sent the data to the data centre through the QSFP28-ER4-100G transmission module solution, the data centre stores and forwards the data to the headquarters.

BOX Packaging: The guarantee for stable operation of modules in a humid environment

When the ambient humidity is high, the water vapor in the equipment room may go deep into the module, causing damage to electronic components. The fiber optical transceiver QSFP28-ER4-100G which plays a significant role in connectivity is designed with the BOX packaging. BOX packaging can encapsulate the chip in a metal shell with good air tightness. The pins of the case are welded or inserted into the circuit board, thus avoiding the problem of device damage due to ambient humidity. Therefore, the fiber transceiver modules come with good reliability, airtightness, and heat dissipation performance.

Long distance transmission, avoid link aging effect

The general link loss of the 33KM fiber run is 11dbm. If the loss cannot be compensated, packet loss may occur, which is fatal for the air transport industry. To leave a sufficient margin to prevent service interruption caused by link deterioration, while ensuring long stable transmission, FS adopts a QSFP28-ER4-100G transmission module solution with a high power budget. The QSFP28-ER4-100G can transmit 30KM with the FEC off and 40KM with the FEC on, and its overall budget is 18db, high enough to address fiber link loss in the long run.

High-standard quality control system throughout the product life cycle

Before delivery arrangement, the FS team tested and validated all modules used in the solution in the laboratory to ensure that the modules passed the performance test. This procedure was also well received by the customer, who expressed willingness to recommend FS to more business partners in the future.

FS Laboratory has set up four testing systems, including a network equipment system, an optical module system, an optical transmission system, and an integrated wiring system. It can fulfill the testing of products from the proofing stage to the small batch trial production, as well as the finished product quality assurance testing after formal production, mainly testing the performance, function, compatibility parameters, reliability, and other indicators of products.

FS has established a rigorous, complete, and high-standard product research and development quality control system. Guided by customer demand and based on the concept of prevention in advance, the product quality control system strictly runs through the whole life cycle of products. Therefore, FS modules from devices to finished products have high reliability and stability characteristics.

The Benefits

FS QSFP28-ER4-100G transmission optical solution, is suitable for the local high-humidity environment, supports a transmission distance of up to 40 kilometers, ensures stable and long-distance data transmission, and improves data transmission efficiency and reliability. It helps customers realize data communication between the data centre and the airport, and the real-time update of aircraft flight position and status, to ensure that the flight data can be sent to the headquarters in real-time, and also ensures the safety and reliability of the data, bringing great convenience to flight scheduling and management. If you are facing a similar business dilemma, please don't hesitate to contact our team to find out how FS.com can help your business achieve optical communications success.

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