FS Video Surveillance System Helps Universities Build a Safe Campus

With the increasing number of campus incidents, campus security has become a hot topic in recent years. Ensuring the safety of students and staff is one of the most important foundations of the campus. In order to make academic progress and enhance the campus's reputation, the campus security department must establish an effective security system. An optimized video surveillance system is a necessary condition for campus construction. FS helps a university improve the shortcomings of the current surveillance system and build a safe and harmonious campus.

"Thanks to the excellent performance of the FS security surveillance system, our campus security has been greatly improved. The efficiency and reliability of the system provides a safer learning and working environment for our students and staff." - Olivia Smith (IT Manager)

The university is a private Catholic institution that awards undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degrees. The campus has a strong learning atmosphere, cultivating students from the aspects of moral value, honesty, and social responsibility. In the past few decades, the school has been adhering to this purpose and has cultivated a large number of practical talents for society.

Campus Video Surveillance Case

The Challenge

1. Currently, there are many monitoring points on campus, but there is a lack of network bandwidth and the clarity of the monitoring images is insufficient.

2. The current video surveillance efficiency is low and a more efficient solution is needed.

3. The potential safety hazards inside and around the campus cannot be prevented in advance, and the efficiency of dealing with emergencies is low.

The Solution

HD cameras and huge storage space, with stable and worry-free network bandwidth

The university campus has a wide area, a wide range of student activities, a large number of active personnel, and many monitoring points, but there are also blind spots in some areas. The current network bandwidth is relatively scarce, and the clarity of surveillance images is not enough. In response to the problems faced by the university campus surveillance system, FS provides a complete set of HD video surveillance solutions. FS has configured HD cameras of different performances in various areas of the campus, all of which can capture 4K HD video. For example, the IPC507ET-2M-W face recognition camera is used for entrances and exits, and the fisheye camera IPC701-12M-F is used in public areas such as libraries and restaurants to achieve 360° panorama coverage without blind spots. The display and control equipment decodes the front-end IPC equipment to realize the function of displaying the large surveillance videos on the wall and provides HD video images for security personnel. According to the customer's requirements for the number of days of video storage, high-capacity storage IPSAN equipment is selected to provide a huge storage space of 48*18T for the front-end equipment. If the storage demand continues to increase in the later stage, the storage capacity can continue to be expanded, which has high scalability.

Video management platform, more efficient monitoring solution

At present, there are many monitoring points on campus, and Olivia expressed concern about the monitoring efficiency. Security personnel cannot view hundreds of monitoring screens at the same time, nor can they guarantee 24-hour effective surveillance. FS display and control equipment supports the function of polling and displaying camera images. One person can complete the screen surveillance and management of hundreds of IPCs, saving labor costs. The video management platform VMS can uniformly manage and configure video storage for the connected IPC, IPSAN, access control system, and other equipment, and assign different management rights to different management personnel. It is convenient to view live video, video records, and alarms, and configure functions related to the TV wall on the VMS client side.

High security, timely warning of potential risks

The current campus security system is still unable to predict and prevent potential safety hazards in advance, and it deals with emergencies with low efficiency. The FS video surveillance solution installs IPC204-5M-P on the campus perimeter. It supports deep intelligent perimeter protection. When an intrusion occurs, an alarm will be issued in time to warn the intruders to stop and leave, warning and preventing emergencies in advance. The access control system at the entrance of the campus controls the personnel entering the campus through the system's face detection function, preventing personnel without relevant authority from entering the campus, and providing security for the campus. IPC425-8M-P in public areas that support 360° viewing angle monitoring and cruise function, can timely discover potential safety hazards around the park and guard the surrounding campus at all times.


FS.com campus video surveillance solutions have been successfully offered to many campuses. As a result, FS has accumulated a lot of experience in many projects. Now we offer new campus surveillance solutions that are efficient, highly reliable, and scalable. FS can provide a complete video surveillance system for universities, which will play an important role in pre-accident prevention, emergency command during an accident, and post-accident evidence supplements. It is an important defense line that protects the safety and property of students, professors, and campuses.

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