Posted on Aug 1, 2023
Our client, who owned a private school in the USA, needed to optimize their campus network performance to provide a high-quality learning environment for students. They benefit from our VXLAN centralized solution that significantly streamlines the management of the campus network and elevates the overall quality of the teaching and learning experience.
  • Challenges 1
    There are multiple buildings, classrooms, and office areas on their campus. It is very complex for them to manage the network and inconvenient to troubleshoot once there is a failure happened in the network.
  • Challenges 2
    The increasing number of network devices results in a high volume of broadcast messages, which consumes network bandwidth and resources.
  • Challenges 3
    The vertical expansion of network topology has reached its limits, making it difficult to expand network capacity.
  • Simplify Network Management by Deploying Centralized Gateway
    FS introduced a centralized gateway deployment solution by consolidating the gateways of all devices at the spine layer, thus the network management becomes more centralized. This enables the IT team of this school to monitor and manage the entire campus network conveniently. In the event of a network failure, they can swiftly identify the issue and take prompt measures for resolution, ensuring uninterrupted learning and teaching activities for students and teachers.
  • Optimize Network Performance with EVPN and VXLAN
    FS offers a solution utilizing the EVPN protocol and VXLAN technology, which facilitates message transmission at the control level and reduces network bandwidth utilization and resource wastage. Through collaboration with FS, the stability and responsiveness of the campus network have significantly improved, enabling seamless access to online educational resources for students and faculty, thereby enhancing the overall teaching and learning experience.
  • Expand Network Capacity through Horizontal Scaling
    In FS' centralized gateway deployment solution, each spine can independently transmit data, allowing for horizontal scaling. By simply adding the required devices, customers can easily expand their network capacity and performance. This empowers the school with a more convenient and flexible network expansion process, facilitating seamless business growth and providing robust support for the school's development and innovation endeavors.
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