FS VxLAN Solution Realizes Multi-service System Resource Sharing for Transportation Industry

"With their expertise in virtualization technology, FS helped us save hardware resources and enabled information sharing. We are very satisfied with the results and look forward to continuing our partnership with FS."
- Fritz Müller (Technical Director)


The customer is a transportation management agency in Germany, dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of local roads, highways, and city traffic through the collection, processing, prediction, and analysis of traffic data. They work with transportation management agencies and enterprises to optimize road layout, signal light settings, and public transportation route planning to improve traffic efficiency.

The FS cloud data center VxLAN solution realized resource sharing and unified management of different business systems of customers through virtualization technology. This solution not only improved the customer's deployment efficiency and operation and maintenance efficiency, but also promoted collaborative work between various departments and systems of the customer, enabling it to achieve higher value returns in traffic planning, traffic safety, and traffic operations.


As a transportation management agency, the client is responsible for monitoring, predicting, and controlling the local traffic conditions, and therefore requires a specialized cloud data center to collect and process various traffic data. However, with the increasing diversification of business and the continuous growth of data volume, the current traditional data center architecture can no longer meet the demand. The customer also faced a series of business problems such as waste of resources, insufficient information sharing and coordination, and low efficiency of IT operations. In response to these problems, the customer urgently needed to upgrade data centers to improve transportation management efficiency and provide smarter transportation services.


The solution delivered by FS uses virtualization technology to transform the customer's traditional chimney architecture into cloud data center architecture. It significantly helped the customer save hardware resources and improved network utilization and scalability, realizing information sharing.

Virtualization Technology for Hardware Resource Sharing

Mr. Müller reported that they needed to run multiple different business systems at the same time. Due to the wide variety of data center equipment and the lack of support for cloud-network integration, it was difficult to perform effective data integration and analysis. As a result, the customer was unable to fully understand the traffic situation and make timely decisions.

To solve this problem, the FS technical team recommended that the customer use VxLAN-capable N-series switches and transformed their IT infrastructure from a traditional siled architecture to a more cloud-oriented architecture. Through virtualization technology, this solution can deploy different business systems on the same server to realize resource sharing and unified management. This not only improved hardware resource utilization, but also reduced hardware costs. In addition, it was easier to achieve unified management and maintenance for the customer.

VXLAN solution

Break Through Information Islands

There are several transportation authorities and companies in the region, each responsible for a different business. But the truth was that there was a lack of effective information sharing and coordination among various departments and business systems, making it difficult to fully grasp the traffic situation and adjust the traffic flow promptly.

Subsequently, FS provided a solution, that is, through the API interface and the customer's SDN controller, different traffic business systems were integrated and connected to a cloud platform to realize real-time data sharing. Ultimately, the customer has realized information sharing and collaboration among departments, promoted the operation and management of the transportation system, and improved overall decision-making efficiency and overall operation efficiency.

VXLAN solution

Achieving Unified Operations and Maintenance to Improve Deployment Efficiency

When the customer needed to simultaneously handle diversified businesses such as traffic planning, traffic safety, and traffic operations, a problem arose that each business system used different software and hardware tools, requiring multiple technicians to manage and maintain them, resulting in low operating efficiency. It also gave Mr. Müller a headache. Therefore, the FS technical team helped the customer build a converged Ethernet, replacing all FC and IB networks with Ethernet, which allowed a single Ethernet engineer to uniformly operate and maintain all systems. While improving network stability, this solution also reduced labor costs. The improvement of deployment efficiency allowed the customer to focus on their core businesses, and their operations become more refined and efficient, resulting in higher value returns.

VXLAN solution

Customer Benefits

Through collaboration with FS, the customer has successfully addressed long-standing business problems and achieved hardware resource sharing and unified operation and maintenance. FS products and services have provided powerful data support and technical assurance for the customer, helping them better respond to transportation management challenges and promote the sustainable development of urban transportation.

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