Posted on Jul 14, 2023
This is a double-storey villa built in the 19th century, and the owner needed to ensure that the signal coverage in the villa was better without damaging the structure and aesthetics of the building. FS's wireless bridging solution enables signal transmission between buildings in different physical locations.
  • Challenge 1
    Due to heritage conservation requirements, cable burial between the villa and studio is not possible.
  • Challenge 2
    APs need to be installed on the exterior wall of the building to maintain the consistency of the internal style.
  • Challenge 3
    When Wi-Fi runs into issues, it can only be fixed by a visit from the service provider, resulting in high time costs.
  • Expanding Villa Network Coverage Range with Point-to-Point Wireless Bridging
    To protect historical heritage, cable installations are prohibited. FS proposed a wireless bridging solution to expand network coverage, connecting users through access points on rooftops or outer walls. This cost-effective solution preserves the original architectural style.
  • High Penetration Outdoor APs Eliminate Wireless Signal Blind Spots
    Installing wireless access points on the villa's outer wall can cause deadspots due to thick sandstone construction. FS recommends using high signal strength outdoor AP-T567 for long-distance coverage of over a hundred meters, reducing channel interference and providing better network quality. This preserves the original interior style while optimizing the user experience.
  • Airware Cloud Management Platform Effectively Reduces Operational Costs
    Home Wi-Fi networks are often in a state of no management, incurring high time and cost for problem-solving. FS introduces Airware cloud management platform with a simple interface, real-time monitoring, and diagnostic information for easy device management. Airbox mobile app allows customers to check network signals and speed, reducing maintenance costs.
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