Posted on Nov 23, 2023
A specific team was developed to optimize the network of the UK office. FS UK branch adheres to the principle of customer first, constantly listens to customer needs, provides efficient localized services, and at the same time expands global strategic deployment and enhances brand influence to provide better services.
  • Challenge 1
    Network coverage is insufficient to meet user expectations, which has a negative impact on everyday operations' development.
  • Challenge 2
    The on-site circuit environment is complex, and equipment deployment must consider the ceiling material.
  • Challenge 3
    Due to the presence of numerous goods stored in the warehouse, establishing comprehensive and robust wireless network coverage presents certain challenges.
  • Comprehensive and Efficient Network Coverage
    From the customer's perspective, FS completes and oversees the entire life cycle of UK wireless solutions, ensuring the delivery of optimal solutions to users and meeting customer network requirements. The driving principles include comprehensive network coverage, high bandwidth, low latency, and stability, adhering to usage specifications.
  • Airware Geological Survey Report
    Initially, the UK local office faced poor wireless network coverage, high network loss rate and bad user experience, significantly impacting the development of various enterprises. The cloud geological surveys project the anticipated signal simulation effect in advance, simplifying the field survey workload for the construction team and aligning their understanding with the user end.
  • Airware Cloud Management System
    The Airware Cloud Platform simplifies the fulfillment of technical requirements for O&M. Failures can be promptly reported through the management portal. Functions like fault analysis, terminal diagnosis, one-click network optimization aid in quick problem identification and resolution. We aim to provide consumers with safe, stable, and reliable network operation and maintenance services.
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