Posted on Jul 14, 2023
As a retailer, customers' demand for wireless network in stores can meet the Internet needs of employees and customers, and support various business applications in the store, while achieving unified operation and maintenance and saving costs. FS retail wireless solutions meet customer needs with high performance networking equipment.
  • Challenge 1
    The internal network in branch stores contains sensitive data, and network security must be ensured to prevent information leaks.
  • Challenge 2
    Customer traffic peaks may overload the wireless network, affecting data transmission and store operations.
  • Challenge 3
    The customer needs centralized management by headquarters, efficient manual deployment, and reduced operation costs.
  • Multiple Security Policies to Ensure Store Network Security and Reliability
    FS's solution team uses SG-5105security gateway to protect network security and ensure reliability. It integrates security, routing, wireless controller, SPI firewall, and advanced threat mitigation functions. Different authentication methods are used for employee, office terminal, and customer access to the wireless network inside the store to ensure network security.
  • High-Performance Network Equipment to Upgrade the Internet Experience
    With the S5860-20SQand S3910-24TS switches, FS engineers solved the problem of overloading the network during peak traffic, increasing the network bandwidth and preventing delay or slow speed. This guarantees efficient networking of stores, stable data sharing between headquarters and stores, and a fast networking experience for employees and customers.
  • FS Airware Cloud Platform Enables Flexible Networking and HQ Support
    FS Airware cloud platform simplifies wireless network deployment and management, reducing labor and operational costs. It allows for online network planning, deployment, optimization, and inspection. Headquarters can centrally monitor and troubleshoot wireless devices in branch stores, improving operation and maintenance efficiency.
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