Posted on Jul 15, 2023
It is a specialist provider of integrated supply chain solutions and logistics services, helping customers to optimise inventory management, reduce operational costs and improve the efficient allocation of internal resources to create new growth. FS storage wireless solution uses high protection AP equipment for stable and efficient logistics operations.
  • Challenge 1
    The terminals are prone to signal interruptions during movement, leading to problems in logistics operations.
  • Challenge 2
    The wireless network equipment of the past was unable to operate stably in cold and humid environments.
  • Challenge 3
    Network maintenance is complex and costly due to lack of unified management across warehouses.
  • Optimized Signal Improves Logistics Service Efficiency
    Logistics efficiency and service quality rely on stable network connectivity for terminal devices like PDAs and AGVs. FS's AC&AP networking solution solves signal interruption problems, improving logistics operations and service quality. AC manages and controls APs, ensuring stable device connectivity. This solution offers real-time monitoring, improving network stability and reliability.
  • AP Safeguards Stable Wireless Network in Harsh Conditions
    Client's warehouse has multiple temperature zones with below -20°C. Ordinary APs may malfunction due to low temperature and humidity. FS offers waterproof and low-temperature APs, such as the AP-T565, capable of operating at temperatures as low as -40°C. These APs ensure signal coverage and comprehensive security for smooth wireless operation.
  • Airware Cloud Platform Boosts IT Efficiency and Reduces Costs
    As cold stores increase, centralized network management is crucial. FS's cloud-based Airware platform enables centralized management and monitoring of equipment, reducing labor costs. In network planning and construction, Airware can also effectively isolate and protect the internal network to ensure network reliability and 24-hour uninterrupted work of the business system.
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