Posted on Oct 16, 2023
FS provided the customer, a fixed and mobile telecom solutions service provider, with a specially customized DC power switch N5860-48SC to meet the customer's specific business scenarios and improve system performance and reliability.
  • Challenges 1
    The quantities of 10G data center switch needed by our client is very large, so the remote test for those network switches is required.
  • Challenges 2
    Due to some special business scenarios, the N5860-48SC L3 switch is required to be equipped with a DC power supply.
  • Challenges 3
    A large number of 10G data center switches are needed by our customer, FS has to deliver them on time so that the customer's projects won't be delayed.
  • Professional Advice and Remote Testing
    FS recommended the N5860-48SC switch, a high-performance and affordable option suitable for data centers and cloud computing. Before placing an order, a remote demo test was arranged. With the assistance and guidance of FS technology, customers could fully understand the features and functions of the product.
  • Customized 10G Data Center Switch N5860-48SC with DC Power Supply
    The customer purchased a large number of 10G data center switch N5860-48SC with AC power supply but wanted a DC power option to solve the problems on his DC electrical solutions and install switches with this DC power supply. Based on his needs, FS provided the switch N5860-48SC with DC power and conducted relevant customer and product research.
  • Large Inventory Ensures Fast Delivery
    For the urgency of customer's business projects, FS has a fully stocked Delaware warehouse that can cover transportation in the US, Canada, and Mexico, while the local Asian warehouse maintains a long-term stock level of 100+. This guarantees that the switches will arrive within a week when needed by the customer.
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