Posted on Oct 18, 2023
As business scenarios and scale expand, an international financial institution with branches and trading centers around the world needs to upgrade its data center core network. FS's 100G network interface card solutions and server cluster solutions based on 100G network interface cards are specially designed for institutions to help customers achieve higher network performance and data transmission speeds, improve the efficiency and accuracy of financial transactions, and reduce customers' network failure risks.
  • Challenge 1
    The customer requires solutions with high bandwidth, low latency, large-scale data transmission, traffic load balancing, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.
  • Challenge 2
    The customer has high requirements for transmission capacity and needs solutions that meet future 100G upgrade requirements.
  • 100G High-rate Network Card Makes Network Upgrade Smoother
    100G NICs provide advanced hardware offloading to reduce CPU resource consumption and drive extremely high packet rates and throughput. Improve network performance and data transfer speeds. Respond to business scenario upgrades.
  • Server Cluster Solution Based on 100G Network Interface Card Meets Future Space Upgrades
    FS designs solutions for customers' special application environments to meet business needs. During subsequent expansion, customers only need to upgrade the network card of the main server to achieve rapid upgrades, stable operation, and improved business levels.
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