Updated on Jun 8, 2023
Racks Central is a data center service operator headquartered in Singapore, focusing on providing high-quality data center services to enterprise customers. The multi-site data center interconnect network bandwidth upgrade solution provided by FS helped Racks Central complete the bandwidth upgrade, providing more reliable and sustainable services to clients.
  • Challenge 1
    Enterprises have increasingly high requirements for network bandwidth and stability, and traditional 10G networks can no longer meet customer needs.
  • Challenge 2
    Long-distance transmission faces risks such as signal attenuation, quality degradation, and business failure.
  • Challenge 3
    Limited technical expertise and product configuration inexperience lead to deployment issues and higher configuration costs.
  • Accelerated digital transformation for enhanced network
    FS provided Racks Central with a complete network upgrade solution, deployed 40CH DWDM Mux Demux, migrated 10G services, and added 25G and 40G services, upgrading the transmission networks of data centers. Traditional 10G networks were upgraded to 10G/25G/40G, and the total business volume increased from 240G to 3.0T, providing customers with higher network bandwidth and better network connectivity experience.
  • Seamless long-distance data transmission
    Racks Central's local data center to Equinix is 42.9km, and Equinix to the Global Switch data center is 68.54km. Based on the different distances between the three data centers, FS DWDM modules with different distances of 10km, 40km, and 80km, combined with EDFA solve problems such as signal attenuation and transmission quality degradation in long-distance transmission.
  • High-efficient and cost-effective implementation
    By dispatching a professional technical team, FS provides one-on-one technical support and training during the DWDM solution deployment to help Racks Central's engineers quickly master the DWDM product configuration experience and ensure the smooth implementation of the solution with shortened configuration time and reduced configuration costs.
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