Posted on Jun 27, 2023
The Medical Center in Osaka, Japan, is a general hospital that provides high-quality medical service, which focuses on a patient-centered medical model, providing patients with the best treatment results and experience. The FS Campus Wired solutions can effectively improve hospital network performance and security while reducing the workload of IT staff, improving operational efficiency, and decreasing costs.
  • Challenge 1
    The medical center requires stable network performance and transmission speeds to transmit and process a variety of sensitive data over the network.
  • Challenge 2
    Network safety is demanded to protect patient privacy and prevent data breaches. The medical center needs authentication and access control measures for the network.
  • Challenge 3
    The medical center entails device management and maintenance technical support because of limited IT staff.
  • Quality Networking for a More Stable Network
    FS adopted a flat network architecture and deployed the main switches: S5860-20SQ, S3910-48TS, and S3410-48TS-P switches. In this way, network stability can be enhanced effectively to provide high-performance transmission without impacting the entire network. Once a single point fails, it ensures individual devices can recover or switch to other available networks immediately.
  • Authentication Processing to Protect Patient Privacy from Disclosure
    FS uses the S3410-48TS-P access switch to build a secure and manageable campus network with 3A authentication technology. The switch assigns unique credentials to each user and the authentication server ensures that only authenticated users can access network resources, preventing malicious attacks. For visitors like patients and family members, FS deploys 3A authentication servers for identity verification, allowing access to the Internet.
  • Intelligent Cloud Management System to Alleviate the Burden of Management
    FS provides daily equipment operation and maintenance support services. Airware cloud management enables remote deployment, mobile operation, and maintenance, detecting abnormalities and preventing attacks. This management system uses big data technology to optimize the network, tremendously reducing O&M costs.
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