KDInfotech Collaborates with FS to Level up Customer Experience

As the business landscape has dramatically changed over recent years, more and more SMBs choose to expand their businesses, and device management complexity also increases. Thus, it becomes increasingly important for IT service providers to keep up with industry trends and get fully prepared to provide reliable and high-quality IT services.


KDInfotech, an IT services provider for SMBs, provides a wide range of services such as virtual IT direction, cloud enablement, etc. With decades of experience in IT infrastructure management, KDInfotech is committed to serving the diverse demands of its clients based on principles of integrity, transparency, quality, and service.

KDInfotech Collaborates with FS

In late 2019, KDInfotech ran into a couple of problems. To solve those issues and deliver better IT services to their clients, KDInfotech decided to work together with FS.

“They are our go-to company for all our high-bandwidth optics and transceivers, network cabling, and wiring of all kinds. KDInfotech’s ongoing work hinges on good people and good partners. And for KDInfotech, the support we get from FS is instrumental in our continued success," said Lynn Currey, network system administrator at KDInfotech.


As cybercrime is on the rise and economic uncertainty still pervades in recent years, there are numerous difficulties that managed service providers (MSPs) like KDInfotech must deal with.

Diverse End-User Devices Lead to Compatibility Issues

As there is a wide variety of end-user devices of all shapes and sizes, compatibility becomes another challenge for many service providers. Poor compatibility can disrupt networks and security services, so MSPs must take compatibility issues into consideration if they want to ensure optimal performance.

Inconsistent or Ineffective Quality Control

Another challenge service providers are faced with is how to ensure consistent and effective quality control. As MSPs must deliver high-quality and effective IT services and products, they can not afford infeasible solutions and defective products. Luckily, this issue can be solved by remote demo tests that allow MSPs to verify the feasibility of their solutions and choose test services according to their unique needs.

The Need for Quick and Customized Services

Another common challenge is the fact there is a growing demand for quick and customized IT services. However, due to shipping policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult to ensure fast product and service delivery. Moreover, IT issues need to be fixed as soon as possible because even a few minutes of downtime can be disastrous. This means many MSPs can not afford a long lead time as they are expected to deliver a delightful, fast, and seamless experience.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Crucial communications and effective IT services all depend on a complex web of supplier and vendor ecosystems. Unfortunately, the demand for chips and semiconductors is outracing supply due to geopolitical tension and the aftermath of Covid-19. The global chip shortage makes it harder for MSPs to ensure a stable and resilient supply chain.

KDInfotech is not immune to these challenges. Three years ago, KDInfotech was working on a significant network upgrade at a renowned San Francisco biotech institution. Since biotech institutions usually have strict requirements for network devices and network security, it can be challenging and tricky to purchase high-quality network hardware in a timely manner.

Besides, lead time and budget were also a big concern for Lynn Currey and her team as they searched for appropriate hardware. "The existing systems were in shambles and while some of the new hardware had been ordered, the upgrade was behind schedule and assurances had been made," said Lynn Currey. The issue wasn't remedied until Lynn Currey contacted FS.

KDInfotech Overcomes Obstacles to Deliver Success

When Lynn Currey discovered that the networking products on FS.com met their needs for fiber transceivers, active optical, and direct attach cables, she made the decision to contact the account manager, Gladys Yang. Finally, KDInfotech's issue was resolved in the following three aspects.

  • Cost-saving Solutions: Every service provider seeks the most economical solution. FS provides cost-effective network solutions that come with professional tech support. "The order that would have cost many thousands came in at less than what was expected and was ready to ship right away." Lynn Currey was surprised and pleased with our assistance.

  • Quick and Customized Services: FS offers reliable test services and 24/7 technical assistance. Packaged test items are offered to cover diverse needs. All the tests allow KDInfotech to choose a demo test for remote experience, or a test report to get the results directly. This helps Lynn Currey's team to ensure compatibility with their existing IT systems and applications and fix current issues in time.

  • Timely Delivery: FS offers seamless and flexible shipping & delivery services to respond to urgent and unpredictable demands. With efficient supply chain management, FS is able to reduce lead time and makes sure its high-performance networking products can be delivered to its customers in a timely manner. Also, some FS transceiver modules are self-developed, which means controllable production capacity. As a result, KDI obtained the required network devices in time to successfully move the project forward.

KDInfotech & FS: An Ideal Partnership

Through this partnership, KDInfotech regards FS as a good partner worth recommending. In the past three years, KDInfotech has signed a large number of orders from FS.com for KDI projects and its clients, all of which have achieved good results.

Apart from the network upgrade project, FS also sponsored KDI's 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament on November 11th, 2022. The two sides joined hands and devoted themselves to charity, raising funds for children in need.

Just as the saying goes, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Based on a shared goal, KDInfotech and FS will be committed to optimizing network environments and providing high-speed and reliable network solutions for global customers.

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