Posted on Aug 8, 2023
The French government enterprise has been using a wired network for office work. However, as data grew, the limitations of wired transmission, specifically its low business efficiency, started to become apparent. Through FS wireless network solution, customer successfully solved business efficiency problems and realized business data digitization.
  • Challenge 1
    The Wi-Fi system must be easy to manage and maintenance should not disrupt network operations.
  • Challenge 2
    The multiple corners in enterprise buildings demand precise measurements for the installation points of wireless AP.
  • Challenge 3
    Limited budget prompts the customer to seek a wireless solution with minimal AP deployments.
  • The Airware Management System Streamlines Workflow
    Airware intuitive visual management interface enables effortless 24/7 configuration and management for enterprises, streamlining workflows. With powerful visual monitoring, Airware provides real-time insights into business and system status, aiding swift issue identification, informed decision-making, and efficient resource optimization.
  • Wi-Fi 6 Seamless Roaming for Optimal Office Connectivity
    The French government buildings have been built for a long time, and the existing network technology can't meet customer's needs. The FS AP-N505, fueled by Wi-Fi 6, ensures smooth roaming, boosting network performance, device connections, and mobile experiences. It expands coverage within government premises, addressing daily office needs.
  • FS Wireless Solution Enhancing Government Data Privacy
    Data confidentiality is a priority, and the government emphasizes privacy protection. However, European vendors have limited options for budget-friendly AP and AC solutions that meet enterprise security needs. FS Wireless employs advanced security measures to safeguard government client data and fully comply with relevant privacy regulations.
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