Posted on Aug 4, 2023
Recently, Australian client needed to establish a long-haul 10G transmission system spanning approximately 180 kilometers between their headquarters data center and newly established branch office. FS designed a long-distance 10G DWDM solution to meet client's needs for links protection and business expansion, ensuring stable network transmission signals and future scalability.
  • Challenge 1
    Overcome data dispersion, attenuation, and signal loss during long-distance transmission efficiently.
  • Challenge 2
    Due to the significant distance between the two sites, continuous transmission services are essential.
  • Challenge 3
    The company's business is booming, and there will be a need for additional services soon.
  • Ultra-large Capacity for Future Network Expansion
    Fully utilizing 24 channels, the total link capacity reaches 240G, with the remaining 16 channels allowing for future network upgrades to meet the demands of next-generation networks.
  • Stable Link Performance for Assured Business Transmission
    All core units, power supplies, network management units, and OLPs are equipped with 1+1 redundancy to ensure data stability. In case of any failure, the backup system will automatically take over data transmission.
  • Simple Operation & Maintenance
    The solution adopts the FS M6200 multi-service WDM transmission platform with hot-swappable network units for space-saving and lower power consumption. Its unified and user-friendly operating system reduces maintenance complexity and improves overall system availability.
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