Posted on Jul 27, 2023
The customer, a telecommunications operator originating from the UK and founded in the 20th century, specializes in offering secure wholesale network access to governments, businesses, and innovators. With the history of successful cooperation with FS, the client looks forward to working with FS once again for a 100G coherent solution, multi-city deployment, centralized management, and high-capacity services of 3.2T.
  • Challenge 1
    The maximum distance between project sites is 260km. And the network must support a high transmission capacity of up to 3.2 T of service capacity.
  • Challenge 2
    Product training is required for the project. However, due to the company's internal security protocols, external remote operation of the device is prohibited.
  • Challenge 3
    The project has specific software management requirements, and the company is seeking software customization services.
  • Ultra-high Capacity, Long-distance, 40CH*200G Capacity
    The customer's network consists of four sites, with three sites requiring high-speed transmission services. FS proposed a customized solution based on M series equipment, specifically the M6800 series TSP16 equipment, 40-channel MUX/DEMUX, and other advanced products. This solution was designed to extend the network capacity to support 3.2T businesses.
  • Professional Technical Support, Complete Solution
    In the initial stage, we used tables and Google Earth software to mark the distance and business volume of each site, which helped us to provide a complete solution tailored to the customer's specific location and circumstances. We also provided visual pictures with standardized descriptions of different product models to assist the customer in making informed decisions.
  • Customized Software, Meeting in-depth Needs
    After gaining a thorough understanding of customer's software usage needs, our expert team presented several targeted optimization proposals to meet their unique requirements. Our software development team quickly responded to the customer's needs and promptly completed the upgrade of a customized software version to ensure an optimal experience from optimized software.
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