Posted on Jun 27, 2023
The client is a German Internet service provider (ISP) that offers cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data, and other services. The client needs to upgrade their data center network infrastructure to keep up with growing business demands and remain competitive. FS, a major provider of networking solutions, has offered a comprehensive solution that enhances efficiency and reduces costs. The solution uses 100G to 4x25G breakout application and is adaptable and future-proofed for a 400G upgrade. All products have been tested by FS Lab to ensure full compatibility with the client's equipment.
  • Challenge 1
    The client required products that could be reused in subsequent upgrades to 400G.
  • Challenge 2
    The client wanted SFP modules that could be compatible with different brands of equipment and conveniently managed centrally.
  • Challenge 3
    The solution should be cost-effective to meet the client's budget while achieving high performance.
  • Cost-effective Network Expansion
    The client's data center ran on 25G. Upgrading to 100G would provide significant value but require high hardware configuration costs. To lay foundations for future 400G upgrades, FS adopted single-lambda 25G SFP SR modules to expand TOR switch and servers from 25G to 100G, and low-cost VCSEL lasers to upgrade the network layer above TOR to 100G. This solution reduced costs, minimized resource waste, and met growing network demands.
  • Compatibility Assurance through Performance Testing
    FS excels in compatibility, carefully selecting, manufacturing, and testing optical modules to meet the highest standards, including ISO9001/CE/FCC/ROHS certification. FS's global advanced testing lab equipment provides professional testing reports, and each module undergoes product tests before shipping to ensure reliability and long-term stable operation. All modules from FS, consistency has brought the client convenience in O&M.
  • Stable Operation at a Reasonable Cost
    FS has introduced a new type of 100G DR module that was more cost-effective than conventional 100G quad modules and could connect to 400G DR4 modules in the future. DR is a single-lambda module that requires only one 100G laser, making it less expensive. The hermetic BOX package provides better isolation than non-hermetic packages, making it more durable. FS conducts tests before shipping, ensuring performance while achieving a lower cost.
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