MLAG Network for Redundant Streaming Media Transmission


Broadcast Architech is a famous multimedia technology company from France, which has long-term cooperation with FS. They now need to improve their business working efficiency by setting up a reliable and integrated storage network. FS helps design a redundant resource storage network for their streaming media transmission.


How to achieve the connection between the Ethernet devices and storage server at a low cost?


FS S5850-24T16S switches support iSCSI, which can deliver the encapsulated storage data in the Ethernet network. This means there is no need for buying a dedicated storage switch, which will save the cost.

For network redundancy, 10G DAC cables are used to connect two S5850-24T16S switches, which can form an MLAG pair. A quad-port SFP+ network adapter is plugged into the server, and the quad-port design provides redundancy to improve its performance. Then the server connects the two switches respectively by 10G transceivers and fiber cables, which forms a complete MLAG and improves network resiliency.

The PCs are connected to the two network switches respectively via Ethernet cables. In this topology, all the PCs can store and retrieve data on the server. If one link fails or a device breaks down, the remaining devices can continue to work.



FS engineers use high-performance S585-24T16S switches and quad-port 10G network card to achieve MLAG, helping our client build a high-integrated and redundant network for streaming media transmission.

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