Network Expansion with FS FHD Modular Cabling System


A famous media company that engaged in visual effects and production is a long-term partner with FS. They work with many notable directors and film companies, so building a reliable and stable network is essential to their business. The company wanted to expand storage capacity in the data center, and achieve 40G and 10G transmission between 16 cabinets and a Patch Bay.


The company planned to add new fiber cabling in Bay 16 for business expansion, and required organized cabling for efficient cable management. They are challenged to deploy polarity-clear 40G MTP cabling between Bay 1 and Bay 16, and 40-10G transmission in Patch Bay while keeping a clear high-density cabling infrastructure.


FS uses MTP trunk cables and plug-and-play FHD cassette and adapter panel with modular design to help the customer build a resilient and secure network with easy management.

In Bay 8, female MTP-12, type B trunk cables are used to directly connect the NAS storage devices for 40G transmissions.

In Bay 1, 40G signals are delivered to the network switches by female MTP-12, type B trunk cables connected to 1U FHD fiber enclosure.

Bay 1 and Bay 16 is connected by 144 fibers MTP trunk cables, which are terminated to MTP adapter panels on the FHD fiber enclosure at each side. Then 40G extended storage will be implemented by the NAS storage devices.

40G link between Bay 16 and Patch Bay is achieved by MTP-LC type A cassette, MTP-12, type A trunk cables, and MTP-LC type AF cassette. And this connection can ensure correct polarity cabling.

In the Patch Bay, these 40G links are broken out into 4 10G links via MTP-LC cassettes,the 10G links are then connected to the server by LC OM4 cables.

Network Expansion


This FHD modular cabling solution helps our customer expand their network capacity with fast installation. It also simplifies cabling for the high-density environment, and saves space in the data center without sacrificing manageability or performance.

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