Next-Level Retail Network Connectivity: Unleashing Business Potential through FS Network Solutions


Italy Retail Chain Group is a clothing retailer that has been providing fashionable, high-quality clothing and accessories for consumers of all ages and genders since its founding in 1990. With a strong emphasis on fashion, value, quality, and service, the company is dedicated to providing customers with an exceptional shopping experience and top-notch products. Their team of designers and procurement experts continually innovate to offer customers the latest and most stylish clothing and accessories, while their stores prioritize creating a pleasant, relaxed, and comfortable shopping environment.

"During this upgrade process, your technical support and excellent solutions helped us to complete the whole project successfully. Your professional attitude and excellent service level have always given us confidence in and appreciation of your company and brand. We look forward to working hand in hand with you to develop more exciting cooperation in a broader market and in a wider range of areas." - Daniele Candusso (IT)

Customer Needs & Challenges

Keeping up with customer demands is a significant challenge for the retail industry. From product preferences to purchasing habits and loyalty programs, customer expectations are ever-changing. Retailers who fail to meet these expectations and embrace the challenge will quickly fade into obscurity. While online shopping has gained popularity in recent years, the in-store shopping experience remains cherished. However, today's shoppers expect the in-store experience to be as fast and convenient as online shopping. Poor internet connectivity can pose a barrier to meeting these expectations.

The Solution

FS provides comprehensive network solutions for the retail industry, providing wide coverage and robust stability. With a focus on enhancing network security, reducing IT workload, improving user experience, and lowering maintenance costs, FS Airware's cloud management platform efficiently solves network problems and improves network operation efficiency.

Stable Networks Accelerate User Experience Improvement and Achieve Significant Growth

The existing network infrastructure significantly impacts the retail business. FS provides personalized wireless and wired network solutions for customers by analyzing their application scenarios and mall area layout. For larger mall areas, FS designs multiple wireless access points to ensure stable signal reception from any location. For public areas, FS provides a wired network layout plan and selects high-performance and highly stable switch and router devices while fully considering capacity planning.

In terms of network topology, FS adopts a hierarchical structure and configures core switch S5860-20SQ, aggregation switch S3910-48TS, access switch S3410-48TS-P, and AP-N505 to greatly improve network scalability and maintainability. After the initial planning and deployment, FS engineers conducted a network acceptance test to ensure full coverage of the wireless network.

The advantages of these switch networks lie in their high density, high throughput, and low latency, which can support high-speed data transmission. In addition, advanced switching technology and security mechanisms are employed to ensure the security and integrity of network data.

Equipped with the latest and fastest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology, the AP-N505 provides customers with a higher level of coverage, ease of installation and management. It provides service in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands at rates up to 3000Mbps. The AP has a built-in smart antenna with STA-following signal capability for wider coverage.

FS Professional Technical Support for Network Upgrades

A reliable public Wi-Fi network plays a critical role in attracting customers, enhancing mall image, and driving business revenue. FS provides customers with a secure and reliable public WIFI network with multiple security measures such as encryption technology, identity authentication and wireless AP countermeasure to protect users' network connection security. FS S5860-20SQ switch, as the core device supporting the network, offers various security features including port and user-based access control, 802.1x authentication, MAC address binding, and ARP detection. These measures can effectively prevent security threats such as hacker attacks and phishing, ensuring users' information security. A secure and reliable public WIFI service not only improves the traffic flow and brand image of shopping malls, but also enhances user experience and satisfaction, giving a strong impetus to the business growth of shopping malls.

Technical Support

Airware Cloud Management Platform to Effectively Reduce O&M Costs

FS provides customers with a professional Airware cloud management platform, which can unify the management and operation and maintenance of the company's internal network equipment. The airware cloud-managed network is a new cloud-based network deployment and management model. In this deployment model, although the network hardware is deployed locally, the management functions are migrated to the cloud. FS administrators can centrally manage the network from any location and through graphical means such as Web pages or mobile terminal APPs, saving human resources investment and improving the efficiency of network construction and management. Airware also provides full lifecycle intelligent network management services for network procurement, planning, deployment, acceptance, and operation and maintenance. Each stage is empowered by digital and intelligent tools, such as geocaching simulation in the planning stage, mobile minimalist opening in the deployment stage, and one-click reporting in the acceptance stage. These tools enable fast remote delivery and operation and maintenance, greatly reducing enterprise wireless network use costs and thresholds, saving human resources investment, and improving the efficiency of network construction and management.

Airware Cloud Management Platform

The Benefits

FS's comprehensive product system and meticulous customer service enable FS technical staff to stand in the customer's shoes, identify problems from the customer's point of view, and propose professional suggestions and effective solutions to deal with the problems quickly, minimizing the customer's troubles and losses, and truly being customer-centric. With its professional technical support and services, FS has successfully assisted customers to complete the network upgrade.

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