Noiseless Network Solution for Hotel Offices


When setting up a network deployment, many things need to be considered such as device selection, noise, later upgrades, and whole cost. For users in low noise surrounding such as hotels, offices or hospitals, those network devices with noises would be troublesome. One of our customers from the hotel industry had such a problem and it sought a solution for a future-proof and noiseless network environment.


Our client took silence as the first priority in networking. There were three floors in the hotel with about 20 IP cameras and 40 APs which are powered by active gigabit power injectors. How to select the aggregation layer and the access layer switch in the server room and the office was still unsettled. Meanwhile, the network project should meet the demand for future upgrades.


Three S3900-24T4S managed switches are respectively deployed as access layer switches for each floor to connect with APs and IP cameras. The fanless design ensures an absolutely noiseless environment for the users.

One FS S5850-32S2Q switch is deployed as the aggregation layer switch to connect with the three S3900-24T4S switches via fiber cables. Its 10G SFP+ ports and 40G QSFP+ uplinks are enough for future network expansion and upgrade.

Noiseless Network Solution


In this solution, the demand for silence is satisfied with the use of FS S3900-24T4S fanless switches from the access layer to the aggregation layer. FS offers solutions that are tailed to customers’ requirements in terms of performance, efficiency, and reliability.

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