NSK GmbH & Co. KG Successfully Built Enterprise Network with FS Switches

"FS Produkte haben wir über optische Transceiver und Kabel kennengelernt. Inzwischen setzen wir gerne die gesamte Produktpalette von FS ein."
一 Mr. Kummer


NSK GmbH & Co. KG, also known as NSK, is an information service provider for businesses in the consulting, conception, implementation, optimization, monitoring and maintenance, as well as further development of customized IT systems. NSK is dedicated to helping IT teams analyze requirements, define goals, and implement them successfully. Given the growth of the business, NSK has developed a new project that requires the establishment of a new enterprise network to facilitate business development and integration of internal resources.

FS, according to the specific requirements provided by customer, helped its customer achieve efficient and easy to manage solutions through strict product screening and remote testing.


NSK GmbH & Co. KG built a new office area for the business expansion to be put into use in the next month. After an internal discussion, NSK contacted FS and decided to use FS devices to complete the entire enterprise network connection. NSK wanted to replace their access switches, using the FS S3410 series as access switches, and also needed to replace the WiFi infrastructure to make the network wider and faster.

NSK put a lot of trust in FS, listed specific models and asked for solutions. The FS network solution team needed to test related products according to the information provided by NSK, gave satisfactory solutions in a short time and complete the delivery to ensure the timeliness of customer network construction.


NSK was very concerned about the choice of core switches, and hoped to use the S5850 series as the core switches and the S3410 series as the access switches to complete the enterprise network construction. After in-depth analysis of the customer needs, FS immediately gave the feedback, offering two alternative switching solutions for reference.

Solution 1: This solution uses MLAG technology to achieve a more reliable network, which requires more demanding management and operation. The S5850 series provides a large number of ports and advanced features, supports VXLAN, NVGRE, DCBX, priority-based flow control (PFC), and supports EVPN and MPLS scenarios. These functions can be used not only for later business expansion, but also to control traffic distribution in different scenarios using network virtualization technology to achieve smoother network operation.

NSK topolgy

Solution 2:This solution is to add ports by stacking two identical core switches, which makes network operation and management easier. The S5860-24XB-U switch supports POE++ with 90W per port, and its 10G RJ45 port supports the speed reduction to 1G/2.5G/5G, which can meet the multi-rate port access. The S5860-20SQ switch has 20x10Gb SFP+, 4x25Gb SFP28, 2x40Gb QSFP+. The S5860-48SC switch has 48 x 10Gb SFP+, with 8 x 100Gb QSFP28 supporting switch stacking. In terms of optical port rate, it provides high-bandwidth support to meet the needs of enterprises for subsequent network upgrades and business expansion. With a combination of wired and wireless devices, the solution enables strong network coverage of the entire area and efficient operation of the equipment, allowing NSK to provide higher quality IT services to its clients.

NSK topolgyNSK 3D

NSK specifically analyzed its own requirements, and chose the S5860 series as the core switch to complete the network construction by stacking.

Customer Benefits

NSK has completed the network construction of the new urgent project, and achieved a scalable and easy-to-manage network architecture through the FS solutions, which enhanced the overall network coverage, improved equipment operation efficiency, and facilitated business expansion and network management.

After delivery, FS has been continuing to serve customers after sales, helping to solve various other technical-related problems for NSK to create a better experience throughout the project.

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