NX N40 DWDM Solutions for Secure and Reliable 100G Centralized Data Center Network Transmission


The customer, an USA aerospace industry, has large volumes of data to store, process, and analyze. To ensure data security, quick response, and effective decision-making, customers require efficient data transmission, fast processing, and storage capabilities.

With the exponential growth of the company's data services and storage requirements, a solution is needed to transmit 100G service capacity through point-to-point links over 40 km and upgrade the network to a larger system capacity seamlessly. FS offers NX N40 DWDM solutions based on 48 Channels Dual Fiber DWDM Mux (100GHz 1529.55-1567.13nm Active, 7.2dB IL, LC/UPC), 48 Channels Dual Fiber DWDM Demux (100GHz 1529.55-1567.13nm Active, 5.5dB IL, LC/UPC), OPB-I 1+1 optical protection switch and 10G 80km DWDM transceivers to achieve equipment redundancy and efficient data transmission.

"I think FS new DWDM solution is amazing and exactly what we need. Its high-speed, high-capacity, and long-distance transmission capability is powerful and it also uses WDM technology to improve fiber utilization. The solution also uses optical power control and automatic protection to improve network reliability and availability. Though there are some challenges and limitations, we believe our team can overcome them and make better contributions to our country's security and development. Overall, the DWDM solution provided by FS is amazing." - Will, Sr, Adv. Optical Engineer


  • The customer's data center demands high capacity and scalability, while consuming significant power. Therefore, energy efficiency is a critical consideration.

  • The industry demands stringent information confidentiality and a robust redundancy mechanism in case of link failures.

  • Businesses rely heavily on uninterrupted data transmission, making data interruption highly impactful. Stable and continuous data transmission is essential.


Ultra-high capacity, high-density, low-power consumption, 48CH*400G Expansion

To meet the customer's need for a 10CH*10G link business capacity, free of interference, with a future-proof expansion to higher speed and higher density, FS offers the NX N40 series solution. This series can currently satisfy the customer's 10G rate requirements and can be upgraded to a 400G rate using the MXP400G board in the future. This upgrade will expand the system's maximum capacity to 48CH*400G, creating a higher rate and density. Additionally, the NX40 chassis equipment provides high integration and lower power consumption of 53.23w, effectively reducing the investment costs for the customer's data center.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality, high-capacity, and high-density data transmission solutions to ensure efficient transmission of the client's information system at all times.

Strengthening Information Stability with Redundancy Mechanisms

This customer has high requirements for data confidentiality and redundancy protection in case of link failure. Considering their needs, FS provides customized NX N40 solutions. The NX N40 chassis adopts advanced ASE-256 encryption technology with a 256-bit key, effectively protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data. What's more, the NX N40 OPB-I, 1+1 optical protection switch protects the optical line by automatically switching to the backup line in case of a mainline failure, ensuring that user data is not lost or damaged. This redundant backup also provides fault tolerance, ensuring system continuity and availability even in the event of a failure. With FS solution, customers' data can be well protected and secured.

FS One-stop Technical Support Services: Testing, Delivery, Installation

FS offers comprehensive service for NX N40 system testing, delivery, and installation. To address customer's concerns about the installation, use, and stability of the entire NX N40 system, FS provides a test setup for the complete solution before delivery. Our engineers have built a test environment consistent with the customer's application scenario in the laboratory to help customers experience the operation remotely.

Once the customer receives the equipment, FS professional team assists them with installation and cooperative debugging to ensure that the network operates well without any failures.


This successful cooperation has left a good impression on them regarding FS professional solutions and services. Our tech team is highly responsive to their specific needs and is committed to delivering satisfactory solutions. The NX N40 solution offers this customer high density, large capacity, data security and perfectly meets their requirements. It's helpful to increase their confidence in the security of their data center networks.

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