Posted on Jul 7, 2023
The customer is a leading Chinese telecommunications operator founded in 1994, providing comprehensive communication services such as fixed-line and mobile telephony, broadband internet, and data communication services. As business volume grows, the demands for cabling in telecom access rooms are increasing. FS offers advanced integrated cabling design and high-density cabling products to solve cabling disorder problems.
  • Challenge 1
    Having multiple and disorganized cables poses a safety risk and creates an unsightly appearance.
  • Challenge 2
    Retrofits and expansion are difficult due to the high risk and complexity involved.
  • Challenge 3
    Troubleshooting faults and locating cables is challenging and inefficient.
  • FS Solution: A New Era of Aesthetics and Efficiency
    Telecom operator needs high-quality and aesthetically pleasing optical broadband network. Existing architecture uses traditional methods, resulting in disorganized cables, safety hazards, and cumbersome operations. FS offers a high-density solution using 3MTP18LCDOM4A cassette and 144F (12F*12) MTP trunk cable to reduce cabling space. FHD-1UFCE 1U enclosure streamlines operations, reducing cross-area cabling operations.
  • Revolutionizing Cable Management for Data Centers
    Chaotic cable management in the data center leads to low efficiency, and challenges with the development of new businesses. FHD-3MTP18LCDOM4A Cassette, with a high-density design accommodating 36 fiber optic cables, can improve business opening efficiency, from the original ≥30 minutes/pc to ≤5 minutes/pc.
  • Streamlining Fault Troubleshooting with High-Density Solutions
    During fault occurrences, quick identification and localization of the faulty cables for maintenance can be achieved through the visual port labeling of the FHD patch panels. Meanwhile, the solution reduces operational difficulty and achieves maintenance-free status for cables in the horizontal management area, reducing the probability of backbone link failures. By resolving the issue of cable chaos, this solution enhances work efficiency.
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