PoE Switch Solution With Over 100 End Points


An audiovisual integration company had a total of 8 small control rooms consisting of devices of different quantities, ranging from 4 to 28. A solution is needed to manage the devices subject to the control rooms, as well as the IT control room where the data of the 8 small control rooms would aggregate to.


Switches are needed to feed devices in control rooms. The port number should be larger than the sum of the devices. The room consisting of 25 players or above requires a POE + power supply of 15w per player.


The total power supply provided by S1400-24T4F and S1150-8T2F is 550W, larger than 325W the requirement of 25 players.

The PoE switches S1150-8T2F and S1400-24T4F connected downwards to end-users and upwards to S3900-24F4S, which keeps the smallest latency.

As the IT control room is located at about 100m from the small control rooms. Fiber cables are adopted to ensure the errorless transmission. The 1G uplink ports of the PoE switches are connected to the 1G optical interfaces of the S3900 24F4S via OM3 fiber optic cables.



FS helped with building a network that makes a total of 119 terminal devices access to the internet. The cost-effective S3900 series switches are the ideal Gigabit access and aggregation switch for SMB, enterprise, and campus networks. PoE switch works by providing both data communication and power supply for the network segments, which saves both time and money for network deployment and maintenance.

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