Posted on Aug 21, 2023
With the popularization of Internet applications and the increase of online services, users have continued to grow faster and more stable broadband demand. To maintain the competitive advantage and meet customers' pursuit of high-quality Internet services, FS EPON Network Solutions help customers upgrade copper cables to networks with higher-performance fiber optics.
  • Challenge 1
    With the popularization of online services, customers have increasingly high bandwidth requirements for Internet services, and the original copper cable access method can no longer meet their needs.
  • Challenge 2
    Small investments and high returns are expected by upgrading the copper cable to the optical fiber access network.
  • Challenge 3
    Since the PON network involves a large number of optical fiber lines and equipment, once a fault occurs, the troubleshooting and maintenance work is relatively complicated.
  • Replacing Copper Cables with Optical Fibers to Build a High-quality Network
    FS has launched an EPON solution, using EPON OLT PX30 & EPON ONU PX30 as core equipment to connect to end users and meet their needs for fast and stable broadband. This solution perfectly helps customers deploy fiber broadband, and provides higher quality services, which are highly praised by users.
  • Self-Developed Products Achieve Low Cost and High Return
    Based on the combination of OLT PX30 and ONU PX30, the EPON solution adopts 1:32 optical splitting technology, which achieves the goal of high return by supporting as many terminal accesses as possible within a limited cost range. In addition, the modules used in the solution are all self-developed, which can further control costs while ensuring excellent performance and reliable services.
  • Standard Testing Ensures Product Stability and Reliability
    To make sure the product can withstand the harsh environment and have strong environmental adaptability, FS has focused attention on the reliability of the product. A number of tests have been carried out according to the particularity of the customer's environment, including electromagnetic radiation tests, sulfur fumigation tests and mixed gas corrosion tests, etc..
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