Scalable Network Solution for Warehouses Network Build


Today, the network involves all walks of life. Different industries have different requirements for network deployment. One of our customers is devising a plan to get access to networks from two buildings with IT rooms, workstations and servers involved.


The customer wants to use Cat6 cables to connect the 36 end devices in 9 workstations and wants to connect the workstations with IT room in the same building. While, the stations are over 100 meters away from the IT room, beyond the maximum distance a Cat6 cable can reach. Besides, the customer wants to run12x 1G fibers from each server in another building to get connections with the 9 workstations.


FS provides a network connection solution with easy deployment using several FS products as follows:

In building 1, the S3900-48T4S switch offers 48 RJ45 ports to connect the 36 end devices via Cat6 cables. And its 10G SFP+ port can offer fiber connections with the IT room through OM3/OM4 cable, which supports transmission distance up to several hundred meters.

In building 2, three S3900-24F4S stackable switches are stacked to provide 72x 1G fiber connections for the six servers. And the 10G SFP+ ports can realize the fiber connection to 9 workstations in building 1. If there is a need for future port-adding, other S3900-24F4S switches can be stacked directly, which is easy to configure and maintain.



This easy-to-deploy solution is ideal for SMBs to realize communication between the office or warehouse buildings. The S3900 series stackable switches provide the flexibility to add enough ports for end devices and support easily future network upgrades.

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