Security Monitoring Solution: Prioritizing Safety and Nipping Threats in the Bud


Located in a remote area with limited educational resources, the school occupies a large area and boasts a pleasant environment and abundant natural resources, providing students with ample space for learning and exploration.

"We have been actively seeking a reliable security solution to ensure the safety of all our staff and students in the school. FS offers a comprehensive solution that meets security needs including surveillance, access control, and emergency response. Their equipment and technology are highly advanced, enabling them to provide high-quality monitoring and protection services."
- Jianjun.Chen (Office Manager)

Customer Needs & Challenges

In recent years, there have been frequent reports of teaching incidents, violence, and accidents in primary and secondary schools. School safety has become a hot topic, garnering attention from various sectors of society, students' parents, and school administrators.

With its vast school area, extensive enclosing walls, and complex surrounding environment, traditional manual patrols are no longer sufficient to meet the needs of school security management. Therefore, the implementation of a school network video monitoring system is necessary to build a safe school.

The Solution

Based on advanced video surveillance technology and intelligent analytics algorithms, our goal is to comprehensively cover all areas of the school, enabling 24/7 monitoring. With real-time alerts and remote management capabilities, we aim to ensure school security.

Digital Access Management Enhances School Security

The entrances and exits of the school are not only the access points but also the key focus areas for school security. Director Chen mentioned that their school currently lacks any electronic access control system or other automated devices to track student entry and exit. They solely rely on manual recording by gatekeepers and class teachers, which is often inaccurate and prone to omissions or errors.

To address this issue, FS has installed dual-lens PTZ network cameras IPC204-2M-PD at the entrances and exits. These cameras utilize a fixed lens for panoramic coverage and a PTZ lens to focus on details, achieving a balance between the overall view and capturing fine details. They capture 2MP full HD videos, providing detailed facial information. With digital technology, they accurately record student entry and exit, ensuring reliable data that is easily analyzed.

Additionally, face recognition access control terminals IPC507ET-2M-W and swing barriers SWB950-L have been deployed at the entrances and exits. The facial recognition terminals quickly identify the identities of students, teachers, and staff, preventing unauthorized individuals from entering. This effectively prevents trespassers and potential threats to the personal safety of students and teachers. The facial recognition terminals capture facial images of students, perform facial recognition and matching, and store the records of successful detections. When a student approaches the swing barriers, the facial terminal sends the corresponding I/O (In/Out) signal to control the gate's opening and closing, thus managing student entry and exit. This approach enhances the school's supervision and control over student entry and exit, improving management efficiency and overall security.

Digital Access Management

School Security Upgraded with High-definition Intelligent Monitoring

According to Director Chen, the newly constructed school is of immense scale, with extensive enclosing walls, encompassing students from primary, middle, and high school levels. As a result, student activity areas are dispersed, and there have been occasional incidents of unauthorized individuals climbing onto the school, posing a threat to the safety of students and staff. However, due to a limited number of security personnel, it is challenging to promptly prevent potential criminals, exacerbating the security risks.

To ensure the safety of students and teachers, FS installed sound and light alarm dome network cameras IPC204-5M-P around the perimeter of the school. These cameras are capable of detecting climbing attempts by outsiders. When someone climbs into the school, the camera automatically tracks and records their movements, actively deterring unauthorized individuals. The intelligent behavior detection technology used in the camera focuses on human subjects, reducing the possibility of false alarms. When an intrusion is detected, it promptly notifies the school security personnel, thereby safeguarding the school.

In addition, the camera's 120dB wide dynamic range (WDR) technology captures a broader range of brightness. Even in environments with strong backlighting during the day, it minimizes the shadow effect and produces vivid images, making it difficult for potential criminals to escape justice.

High-definition Intelligent Monitoring

Building a Secure School with Smart Video Surveillance

School violence and emergencies are not only a hot topic of concern for various sectors of society, but also crucial obstacles that must be overcome in building a secure school. A secure and safe learning environment is the top factor for parents when choosing a school. Director Chen stated, "The surveillance equipment on the old school is quite outdated, with unclear images and a lack of sound recording function, making it difficult for us to fully restore sudden events and difficult to discern the truth of violent incidents. Sometimes, surveillance even fails to record, posing potential risks to the safety of teachers and students."

Therefore, in the school security surveillance solution provided by FS, different types of cameras and monitoring devices are installed in different functional areas to achieve 24/7 high-definition intelligent video surveillance without blind spots. Super HD varifocal cameras IPC305-5M-D and IPC304-8M-D are installed in different buildings and indoor areas. These cameras are equipped with built-in microphones and professional noise-reduction technology, allowing for clear audio by filtering out background noise. In the event of any accidents inside the classrooms, synchronized audio and video playback can be achieved, effectively retracing the original situation of the incident and avoiding the problem of difficulty in reconstructing the truth due to human intervention.

For corridor areas, the bullet network camera IPC305-5M-B supports a 9:16 corridor mode, where the image is narrow and elongated, significantly expanding the effective monitoring range. Additionally, the installed intelligent boxes can detect fights, prolonged stays, and falls, thereby reducing incidents of school violence, accidents, or malicious harm.

Building a Secure School

The Benefits

This school security surveillance solution provides a safe and reliable school environment for schools and parents. With comprehensive video monitoring, it achieves 24/7 high-definition surveillance without blind spots. Different types of monitoring devices are installed in different functional areas to reduce the occurrence of school security incidents and malicious harm, bringing peace of mind and safety to all teachers, students, parents, and the wider community.

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