Security Surveillance Solution Building a Secure and Reliable Office Environment

Security and surveillance solutions have become increasingly important with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) in enterprise management. FS.com's security and surveillance solutions offer flexibility, comprehensiveness, and efficiency to create a secure and reliable working environment for employees.

FS.com security and surveillance solutions help a tourism company build a secure and reliable office environment

One of FS.com's customers is a tourism company that has provided online booking services such as hotels, air tickets, car rentals, and travel packages to global users since 1999. The company has served more than 6 million trips and has a satisfaction rate of 97%. With approximately 1,000 employees, the company needed a reliable security solution to ensure the security and stable development of the enterprise.

"FS.com cameras have helped us improve the security and management level of the office building. We are very satisfied with this cooperation."
- Tim Klug (Sr. Infrastructure Engineer)

Customer Needs & Challenges

The enterprise is large in scale and has a large number of employees. Unified security management is difficult, and it is necessary to find a more efficient management method. In addition, it has more valuable assets and needs to take more stringent protection measures to avoid losses and risks. Therefore, the company needed a reliable security solution to ensure the security and stable development of the enterprise.

The Solution

FS.com offers customized security solutions with targeted functions according to the layout and needs of the enterprise, making its management measures more flexible, comprehensive, and efficient.

HD Cameras Ensure Round-the-clock Care of Valuable Assets

The existing monitoring equipment has certain limitations in picture clarity and can not meet the monitoring needs of some specific occasions. Tim mentioned that they have higher requirements, especially for the security of valuable assets.

FS.com arranges cameras with different performances in different areas to ensure HD images around the clock. IPC305-5M-D and IPC301-5M-F, 5MP dome and fisheye cameras were used in the office area to meet the daily monitoring needs of the office area, handle emergencies in a timely manner, and protect the property safety of staff. In the dining hall, IPC104-2M-D with 2MP resolution was used to provide HD images that fully meet the needs of the dining hall and are more cost-effective, saving overall solution costs.

In the valuable asset area, FS.com equipped 8MP bullet network cameras, IPC501-FC-8M-B, which provide super HD images, support IR night vision and intelligent color, and trigger an alarm to turn on the night vision function to deter intruders and avoid valuable assets suffering losses.

HD Cameras

The 24-hour HD monitoring screen allows security personnel to observe and judge abnormal situations more clearly, and take effective countermeasures in a timely manner to fully protect the company's assets.

Video Management Platform Optimizes Enterprise Management

The number of cameras in the office is increasing year by year and the monitoring requirements are becoming more complex. Tim mentioned that they are still using the traditional management method, which requires investment in various resources such as manpower and material resources. The management cost is high, and the efficiency is low, which can not meet the needs of fast and efficient management.

FS.com IPSAN provides a huge amount of storage space for front-end devices, supports multiple IPC device access, and is easy to add or delete front-end IPC devices. The video management platform (VMS) can uniformly manage and configure video storage for IPC, IPSAN, and other devices, and assign different management rights to different managers. It is convenient to view live events, video recordings, and alarms, and configure the video wall on the VMS client side. It can display the online status of the devices at all times and can give an alarm for the device with abnormal status.

Video Management Platform

Through simple deployment, VMS can quickly access all monitoring devices, and perform unified configuration and management on the devices, greatly reducing the management cost of monitoring devices and significantly improving management efficiency.

Enterprise Visitor Management Improves Security Capabilities

In addition to managing office staff, it is also important to manage external personnel such as visitors, couriers, and cleaning staff. However, their identities are often uncertain, which can lead to security issues such as theft and intentional damage to property. Tim hopes to improve control over this issue.

FS.com offers the IPC507ET-2M-W facial recognition terminal equipment, which is ideal for enterprise visitor management. With this system, customers can identify entering and leaving personnel in real time, record their movements, and manage them in the system. In addition, the SWB950-R can issue warnings in the form of sound and light when it detects illegal intrusion behaviors such as intrusion detection and tailgating.

By implementing a visitor management system at the entrances and exits, the enterprise's security capabilities can be greatly improved.

Enterprise Visitor Management

The Benefits

FS.com provides customers with efficient and reliable security surveillance solutions, covering equipment deployment, system integration, monitoring management, etc., providing a reliable guarantee for customers' enterprise management and security protection.

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