Security Surveillance Solution Improving the Safety Level of Convenience Stores


The convenience store is located in the bustling business district in the center of Sydney, Australia, boasting a superior geographical location, convenient transportation, and high footfall. The store covers an area of about 100 square meters and deals in various daily necessities, food, beverages, and other commodities. Due to the unique environment of the commercial district, the flow of consumers in the convenience store is very high, especially on weekends and holidays, with daily traffic reaching thousands of people.

"I am very satisfied with the cooperation with FS.com. The video surveillance solution they provided is very suitable for our small convenience store, with an affordable price and stable performance. During the entire installation process, FS provided many helpful suggestions and support, which made us feel more at ease while using this monitoring system."
- John Smith (The store owner)

Customer Needs & Challenges

The convenience store faces several challenges due to its high footfall and complex workforce, which have resulted in numerous disputes and theft incidents during the night, impacting the business significantly. Given the small operating area, the store needs an economical and practical video surveillance system to improve its security. Therefore, it seeks a cost-effective video surveillance solution that can efficiently protect the store.

The Solution

This video surveillance solution consists of front-end devices, IPC (Internet Protocol Camera), a back-end video management platform called Milestone, network transmission devices, and monitoring devices. The IPC devices provide high-definition video footage and transmit the captured data to the monitoring host. The Milestone platform centrally manages all IPC devices. Additionally, when used in conjunction with the monitoring devices, the Milestone platform enables efficient management and surveillance of convenience stores, ensuring the safety of the store and providing a comfortable experience for customers.

7X24 HD Cameras with Full Coverage Simplify Management Work

John has expressed that his convenience store faces challenges with its small area, large footfall, and difficulty in management. Furthermore, economic disputes and incidents of missing goods often occur, making it difficult to determine responsibility and collect evidence.

FS has provided John with a comprehensive video surveillance solution that covers the entire store and includes super HD cameras in areas with high footfall to capture every detail. The entrances and exits are equipped with IPC101-5M-B cameras that capture 5MP super HD video, resolving overexposure and underexposure issues, ensuring clear visibility of the scene, and achieving effective monitoring coverage. The cashier desks are equipped with a turret camera IPC101-2M-T, which can capture video and audio, making it easy to handle disputes and provide effective clues for robbery and theft. The shopping area is equipped with a fisheye camera IPC301-5M-F and a dome camera IPC104-5M-D, providing a 360-degree panoramic view with no blind spots, ensuring full coverage of the shelves area. With the full-domain 7x24 HD cameras, John can now manage the entire store efficiently, effectively solving the problem of difficult store management.

7X24 HD Cameras

Milestone System Enhances Security Efficiency and Reduces Monitoring Costs

The current offline inspection method at the store is inefficient and costly in terms of manpower. John is looking for a more efficient management approach. FS.com offers a range of cameras that can simplify the inspection process. For instance, the IPC301-8M-B bullet camera can be installed at the entrance and exit of the store and can activate an alert function during nighttime or off-peak hours. If there is any unauthorized intrusion, it will trigger an audible and visual alarm to deter criminals. On the backend, the Milestone video management platform is used to centrally manage the IPC cameras and streamline the management and scheduling of video resources. Milestone is a leading security monitoring platform known for its centralized management and easy configuration. Store owners can install the terminal app on their mobile phones, allowing them to view live footage and playback recordings from anywhere, anytime. The implementation of the Milestone platform greatly enhances security efficiency and reduces surveillance costs.

Milestone System

The Benefits

This solution provides full coverage monitoring of convenience stores, significantly improving the store's security level while reducing operational losses. The efficient management and convenient operation of the Milestone system allow store owners to effectively control the convenience store, focus on daily operations, better serve society, and promote the development of convenient consumption.

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