Smart Security Surveillance helps the Mining Industry Achieve Intelligent, Efficient, and Safe Deployment

The customer's mines are widely distributed, the site environment is harsh, and the terrain is complex. Video surveillance systems, as an objective, mature, and stable safety supervision tool, have played a huge role in security surveillance and have been widely recognized in the mining industry. Safety supervision work in coal mines is shifting from "human defense" to "technical defense," and security technology and products are increasingly being applied in the coal mining industry. FS's security surveillance solution can provide safety protection for various medium and large mining enterprises.

Customer company profile

The customer is a comprehensive mining company specializing in coal resources mining, processing, and sales. The company mainly deals with coal, coke, coal products, and other products, with the main sales market being the domestic market of China. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "safety first, technological innovation, green environmental protection, win-win cooperation". And it is committed to building green mines, improving production efficiency, and ensuring production safety. The company has introduced internationally advanced mining equipment and technology, realizing intelligent production and management and providing security for life and property.

"The security and surveillance solution provided by FS has greatly ensured our mine safety and is highly professional and efficient. The all-in-one service offered by FS has empowered and supported us deeply. We look forward to further cooperation in the future." - Chang Liu (Procurement Manager)

Mining Company Profile

The Challenge

1. High staff mobility in mining areas makes identity verification difficult.

2. The on-site environment is harsh, supervision is difficult, and unknown risks are difficult to control.

3. After an accident occurs, there are great difficulties in rescue, and it is difficult to trace back what happened after the event.

The Solution

Intelligent identity recognition technology, enhancing the safety and control of mining areas

Due to the high staff mobility and multiple identity changes in the customer's environment, identity verification has become exceptionally difficult, directly affecting safety and control work. In response, FS proposes the use of intelligent identity recognition technology at the entrance and exit of mining areas, including the IPC507ET-2M-W (access control machine), which can store up to 20,000 facial profiles, and the SWB950-R/L/M (personnel passage device) that performs real-person comparisons to achieve efficient and accurate identity verification. This technology can not only quickly identify personnel identities within the mining area but also accurately record the time of personnel entering and leaving, effectively reducing unnecessary losses, and lowering manual control costs, further enhancing the safety and control level of the mining area.

Real-time security monitoring and analysis, achieving all-round surveillance and risk warning in mining areas

The on-site environment of the customer's mining area is harsh, with difficult supervision, and unknown risks that are hard to control. These problems seriously endanger safety production. In response, FS has proposed a series of solutions, including the IPC301-8M-B camera used around the mining area due to its intelligent alarm function, as well as IPC701-4M-B for real-time surveillance in the operating area, which can help capture temperature changes in the environment or key equipment, introducing IPC738-4M-P equipment to actively report abnormal situations, as well as using IPC501-2X4M-B panoramic monitoring to monitor public activity areas, providing all-around surveillance and risk warning for the mining area environment and equipment.

The solution can real-time monitor and analyze the personnel entering and leaving the mine, changes in the number of people, and the production and operation status of coal mines. It can promptly discover abnormal conditions in the coal mine, automatically generate and report alarm information, and achieve round-the-clock remote monitoring, ensuring safe production in the mining area.

VMS, centralized management operation and maintenance, improving the efficiency and prevention ability of accident handling in mining areas

Operation safety is one of the most concerning issues in the mining industry. Once accidents occur in the mining area, rescue becomes difficult, and post-accident investigation is also very challenging, which greatly affects the work of accident handling. To address this issue, the FS expert team has decided to adopt the NVD3512-12M, SS-C4055, and VS-6048D devices in the monitoring center, utilize the Video Management Platform (VMS) to centrally manage operation and maintenance, so as to accomplish unified management of front-end devices, timely receive and handle alarm events. FS video surveillance solution provides a large 48*18T storage space for personnel authorization allocation and video recording. It can decode videos to display multiple video images on a large screen in a polling manner, enabling the simultaneous viewing of dozens of surveillance feeds. Additionally, with real-time monitoring and positioning of equipment and personnel inside the mining area, combined with intelligent image recognition technology, this solution can quickly locate and manage the accident scene, providing effective guarantees for tracing and preventing accident causes.

FS's solution can not only help accident handlers quickly grasp the situation of the accident scene and take appropriate measures in a timely manner, but also achieve all-around recording and review of the accident, aiming to conduct an in-depth analysis of the cause of accidents in mining areas and improve the production safety of the mining area.


The complete solution provided by FS includes access control systems, front-end IPC, network transmission equipment, Video Management Platform (VMS), IPSAN storage, and display control equipment. FS provides high-quality and reliable video surveillance products for customers in the mining industry, helping them achieve comprehensive and remote workplace supervision and ensuring work safety and stability. In this challenging and uncertain industry, FS's intelligent and efficient security surveillance system and professional services are essential tools for customers to achieve success.

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