Structured MTP & Copper Inter-Rack Cabling Solution


Anixter is a leading global distributor of network & security solutions, electrical & electronic solutions and utility power solutions. They were designing a cabling system for their terminal client and wanted to verify the feasibility of product and plan.


There are three sets of racks (twelve racks in total) to be interconnected, two for core racks which will be connected with an IT room, two for distribution racks and eight for server racks. The client needs suitable equipment for a structured and corrected installed copper and fiber cabling system.


The network devices in the IT room are connected to the core rack A1 via LC duplex fiber adapter panel to realize 10G transmission.

The two core racks are interconnected to each other, utilizing both fiber optic cabling and copper cabling. As for fiber cabling, LC OM4 cables and OS2 cables are used to connect the LC adapter panels and MTP-12 Type B multimode trunk cables are connected between MTP up to up adapter panels. For copper system, the 24-port patch panels and Cat6 copper cables are connected.

Furthermore, the connections of core racks and distribution racks are in the same way.

The connections between the two distribution racks and eight server racks are realized with the aid of MTP adapter and MTP-12 trunk cables.



FS helps to set up an optimized scheme for this inter-rack cabling solution. With the use of FS FHD high density series products, high-density flexible cabling system is achieved with easy management and high space utilization.

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