Posted on Jun 19, 2023
The client is a campground area known for its wide meadows, lakes and abundant outdoor activities. As a high-profile tourist destination, it attracts a large number of tourists and campers every year. The solution provided by FS breaks through signal barriers and optimizes the wireless network experience in scenic spots. Reasonable access point planning and dual-band access provide stable signal coverage in a wide range of scenic spots to meet the Internet needs of a large number of tourists.
  • Challenge 1
    Peak Period Network Congestion: Poor Internet Experience for Visitors.
  • Challenge 2
    Limited Technical Personnel: High Difficulty in Maintenance.
  • Challenge 3
    Outdoor Installation: Susceptible to Environmental and Weather Effects.
  • Dual-band AP Load Balancing Optimizes Wireless Network Experience in Scenic Areas
    As a well-known tourist destination, there will be network congestion in crowded areas during peak hours. Based on the results of the on-site inspection, the FS team deployed dual-band Wi-Fi 6 access points, such as AP-T567 and AP-T565, which support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. By configuring the 5G-prior Access feature, it provides visitors with a more stable and faster wireless network experience.
  • Airware Skill Training, Overcoming Network Maintenance Challenges
    FS introduced the Airware cloud management platform to solve the maintenance difficulties of scenic spots. Airware is a comprehensive cloud management service platform launched by FS, covering the entire lifecycle of planning, deployment, operation, and optimization. It allows the scenic area management team to remotely monitor the network status, obtain real-time updates on device operation, and quickly identify and resolve potential issues.
  • Coping with Harsh Weather: Achieving Stable Wireless Connectivity
    FS provides AP-T567 and AP-T565 outdoor access points that operate reliably in complex outdoor environments. These access points have protection features such as ip68 rated water resistance, 9KV lightning protection and dust proof housing. Ensure device durability in harsh weather and wireless connection stability. Alleviating the management team's concerns about equipment damage caused by inclement weather.
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