Posted on Jul 28, 2023
The growing popularity of online and remote learning has resulted in a significant increase in data transferred between campus networks, leading to bandwidth constraints for resource sharing. FS assisted a client in upgrading network bandwidth among three senior high schools and their public library, facilitating seamless sharing of teaching resources. FS's solution involved the M6200 multi-service WDM platform, supporting diverse transmission services and ensuring a stable and high-performance DWDM network. The platform's user-friendly operation, real-time monitoring, and flexible expansion with redundant channels offered an economical and future-proof solution.
  • Challenge 1
    Connect 3 high schools and library, 70-120km apart, for resource sharing.
  • Challenge 2
    Challenging to meet growing bandwidth demands with limited budget.
  • Challenge 3
    Insufficient presence of professional IT administrators impedes smooth operations and maintenance processes.
  • Support Multiple Services Transmission
    The solution utilizes the FS M6200 series multi-service WDM platform, which supports Ethernet, FC, SDH, OTN, and SDN storage services. This creates a stable and high-performance DWDM network, ensuring transparent transmission.
  • Simple Operation & Maintenance
    The M6200 series multi-service WDM platform provides a unified NMS management system, allowing easy access to all service cards through the unified management software. It supports real-time remote monitoring and link failure alerts, ensuring user-friendly operation and maintenance.
  • Easy for Future Network Expansion
    Within the 40CH DWDM Mux Demux, 25 channels facilitate data transmission, while 15 additional redundant channels are set aside for future bandwidth upgrades, accommodating the expanding business needs in education media devices.
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