Posted on Jul 26, 2023
FS offered a solution to a Singapore-based technology company, specializing in semiconductor equipment development. The solution encompassed transformative upgrades, network infrastructure construction, and the implementation of a security surveillance system. This resulted in the establishment of a secure and efficient network infrastructure, enhancing the security and work efficiency of the customer's office environment.
  • Challenge 1
    Embark on a network transformation and upgrade for an office building spanning 640 square meters.
  • Challenge 2
    Ensuring the security of internal company information and surveillance data.
  • Challenge 3
    Installation and setup of devices demand the involvement of a skilled team.
  • Transform Your Office with a One-Stop Custom Solution
    FS tailored a unique upgrade plan for the client. FS chose 24-port POE switches (S3400-24T4FP) to connect the cameras, local NVR, and firewall with 1G Ethernet cables. The firewall is linked to the remote NVR via 1G optical fiber, while the local NVR is connected to the monitor using HDMI cables. 30 dome cameras (IPC301-8M-D) are deployed throughout the building to ensure 24/7 HD monitoring.
  • Security Upgrades are Implemented to Protect the Data Network
    FS deploys the NSG-5100 firewall to develop robust security strategies, protecting the customers' internal information and sensitive data. Traffic encryption is a vital measure to prevent unauthorized interception or tampering during network transmission. Furthermore, the cameras have SSL encryption, enhancing the security, confidentiality, and integrity of the surveillance footage.
  • Professional Team Assists with Installation and Configuration
    Upon order delivery, FS ensures professional installation and configuration of equipment following industry best practices. This guarantees optimal system stability and performance while minimizing the risks of human errors and failures. By doing so, potential faults and interruptions are reduced, ultimately ensuring seamless business continuity and availability.
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