Video Conferencing Solution Promotes Team Collaboration and Seamless Cooperation

FS video conference solution fully promotes communication between enterprises, suppliers, and service providers, and improves cooperation between many parties. The high-definition video conferencing system enhances enterprise communication efficiency, saves operational costs, and improves management effectiveness.

FS Video Conferencing Solution Improves International Collaboration and Employee Communication in a High-tech Multinational Enterprise

Company Profile

The client runs a large high-tech multinational enterprise. After the acquisition of several peer enterprises in 2004, it has become the world's largest display manufacturer and established a huge manufacturing system around the world, covering China, Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, and other countries. As the enterprise's factories and agents are distributed around the world, an efficient and convenient video conferencing system is particularly important for transnational remote communication.

"Being able to effectively see the team you're working with, especially when you're on a large project and need to put faces to voices and names of other people, is a huge help." - Jacob (CTO)

Customer Needs and Challenges

In the post-pandemic era, video conferencing products have become essential equipment for remote collaboration. For multinational enterprises, efficient communication and collaboration with remote teams from all over the world are more needed, the audio and video quality problems of existing conference rooms need to be solved, and the attendees need to clearly see and hear the speeches of other attendees. It is more urgent to find appropriate conference communication solutions.

The Solutions

Video conferencing is one of the safest and most efficient investments for any business. Teleconferencing enables virtual communication and instant collaboration between colleagues or partners, no matter where they are. FS video conferencing solution meets the various requirements of enterprises in building video conferencing systems, provides enterprises with more convenient and efficient remote collaboration tools, and helps enterprises better cope with challenges and achieve business growth.

Superior 4K UHD Quality for Your Meeting

Existing conference rooms are equipped with entry-level devices that have been in use for many years. The picture quality of the devices is too low to show the details of the meeting clearly. Video delays can seriously affect the meeting effect and lead to communication difficulties. FC570S-4K adopts 4K resolution combined with WDR technology to transmit ultra-high-definition video data, highly restore colors, and create an immersive visual experience. It can effectively solve pain points such as poor picture quality and video delay. It has 4 built-in microphones, providing 360° voice pickup. With automatic framing and voice tracking functions, it can automatically adjust the best framing scheme according to the number and position of participants, which improves the quality and effect of video conferences, presents conference content smoothly and realistically, and improves the satisfaction and work efficiency of participants.

4K Video Conference

Capture Everyone in the Room with a 110° Wide Angle

The conference room space is limited, and most of them are small and medium-sized conference rooms. When many people are attending the meeting, it is difficult to ensure that the speeches and expressions of participants can be clearly seen and heard and it often happens that they have to interrupt the speeches of others for repeated confirmation. It is necessary to choose a camera with a wide Angle. The wide 110° horizontal and 15° horizontal/inclined visual fields provide a wide and distortion-free meeting scene, which can meet the needs of 4-6 people for small video conferences. More people can participate in meetings in the same space, which makes efficient use of space. It helps to shorten the distance between the team and the client so that everyone can communicate easily.

110° Wide Angle

All-in-one Design, Easy Deployment

Remote working has become increasingly popular in recent years. Jacob said that small, impromptu meetings, such as project discussions, experience sharing, and so on, are often needed for scattered factories and agents. These meetings usually do not require high-end conference equipment and advanced features but can be easily and quickly implemented by video conferencing. Built-in 4K ultra HD camera, beamforming microphone, and full-frequency loudspeaker integrate all the functions conference needs, reduce cabling and make video communication easier. It allows participants to attend conferences quickly and easily to meet any form of collaboration needs of the enterprise.

Video Conference Camera

The Benefits

The tech company was very pleased with the newly deployed conference room because it significantly improved their communication and collaboration efficiency. Even if distributed in different locations, through video conferencing, people can still naturally communicate face to face and maintain clear and convenient eye contact, thus achieving efficient cooperation. This feeling makes them feel more connected to the other divisions.

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