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What is the APC?

The APC (Angled Physical Contact) fiber connector is a type of fiber optic connector that is similar to the UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) connector but differs in terms of the end-face geometry. While UPC connectors have a flat end-face, APC connectors have an angled end-face.

What is the APC Appearance?

The APC (Angled Physical Contact) fiber connector has a distinct appearance that sets it apart from other types of connectors, particularly UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) connectors. Here are the key visual characteristics of an APC fiber connector:

Ferrule End-face: The most noticeable feature of an APC connector is its Ferrule end-face. Unlike the flat end-face of a UPC connector, the end-face of an APC connector is angled. The typical angle of the end-face is 8 degrees. The angled end-face geometry ensures that the fiber cores make contact at an angle, reducing back reflections.

Green Color Housing: APC connectors are often housed in a connector body or housing that is color-coded green. The green color helps visually identify APC connectors and differentiate them from other connector types.

Beveled End-face Angle: The angle is typically 8 degrees, matching the angle of the end-face. The bevel helps reduce back reflections and minimize signal loss. However, the bevel on an APC connector may appear slightly different from that of a UPC connector due to the angled end-face geometry.

What is the APC Performance?

The APC (Angled Physical Contact) fiber connector offers specific performance advantages due to its angled end-face design. Here are the key performance characteristics of APC connectors: High Return Loss/Back Reflection: The angled end-face of APC connectors significantly reduces back reflections, resulting in a higher return loss compared to UPC connectors. This means that a smaller portion of the light is reflected back toward the source, leading to improved signal quality and reduced signal degradation.

Enhanced Signal Quality: The reduction in back reflections achieved by APC connectors improves signal quality by minimizing signal distortions caused by reflected light. This is particularly important in high-speed optical networks or systems utilizing wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technologies, where maintaining signal integrity is crucial.

Precise Fiber Core Alignment: APC connectors ensure precise alignment and fiber core contact due to the angled end-face design. This alignment helps minimize signal loss and ensures efficient light transmission between connected fibers.

What is the Application of APC?

APC (Angled Physical Contact) fiber connectors are widely used in various applications where high-performance fiber optic connectivity is required, particularly in single-mode fiber systems. Here are some common applications of APC connectors:

Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Systems: APC connectors are commonly used in DWDM systems, which transmit multiple wavelengths of light simultaneously over a single fiber. The low back reflections of APC connectors are crucial in reducing signal degradation and maintaining the integrity of each wavelength channel.

Military and Aerospace: APC connectors are utilized in military and aerospace applications that require reliable and ruggedized fiber optic connections. They can be found in avionics systems, radar systems, military communication networks, and satellite communications, ensuring secure and high-performance fiber connectivity.

Research and Development: APC connectors are used in research and development laboratories for high-precision fiber optic connections. They are employed in experimental setups, optical test setups, and other applications that require accurate signal transmission and low back reflections. These are some examples of the diverse applications of APC fiber connectors. Their high-performance characteristics, including low insertion loss, high return loss, and reduced back reflections, make them suitable for various industries and environments where reliable and efficient fiber optic connections are essential.

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