FS 1U Rack Enclosure Types and Selection Guide

Updated on Jul 3, 2020

Rack fiber cabling can be tricky at times as it can lead to cable congestion and service interruptions. This can be caused by a rack mount enclosure that does not meet your needs or it is simply not suitable for your environment. This being said, it is important to choose the right cable management enclosure. Now the 1U rack enclosure is one of the most commonly used cable organizers for rack cable management. The 1U Rack enclosure comes in different layouts as well. But how do you choose the right one? We will take in use three types of 1U rack enclosures as an example so we can help you choose the right fiber optic enclosure.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A 1U Rack Enclosure

There are some key factors you should take into consideration when purchasing a 1U rack mount enclosure. For instance, the number of connections, your accessibility preference, and the budget.

Number of Port Requirement

A 1U rack enclosure can be configured with various number of ports. It usually comes in 48-port, 96-port, and 144-port. The more ports, the more expensive it will be. In addition, the 1U rack mount enclosures with fewer ports also have better accessibility performance. When you are looking at making the purchase , remember to consider the near-future growth as well.

Accessibility Requirement

As we know, It is quite difficult to add , move or change cables without moving or disturbing active fibre cables. There are slide-out-type and removable-lid-type fiber optic enclosures for these situations. The slide-out-type helps with ease of access, but it usually costs more. Removable-lid-type enclosure, on the other hand, is more suitable for situations where there is not a lot of movement in the cabling system.


When it comes to the bugdet, you are most likely to look at a 1U rack enclosure that is both affordable and functional. You should purchase a 1U rack mount enclosure that offers the most premium features at the most competitive price.

FS 1U Rack Enclosure Selection Guide

We offers two kinds of 1U rack enclosures: 1U FHD slide-out fiber enclosure and 1U FHD removable-lid fiber enclosure.

1U FHD Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure

The FS 1U FHD fiber enclosure is also a slide-out-type enclosure. Unlike the ordinary slide-out-type enclosures, this 1U rack mount enclosure is with parallel sliding drawer, making pull-push easier and more convenient. It allows for 4 x FHD fiber adapter panels or 4 x FHD MPO/MTP cassettes, holding up to 96 fibers in 1U space. In addition to this, fiber splice trays and fiber slack management spools can also be installed in the enclosure for storing and protecting spliced fiber pigtails or managing the excess fiber cable slack.

1U Removable-Lid Fiber Enclosure

This 1U rack mount fiber enclosure is a removable-lid-type enclosure. It often houses 4 x FHD fiber adapter panels or 4 x FHD MPO/MTP cassettes, providing up to 96-fiber capacity. And like the FHD fiber enclosure, this 1U rack enclosure is also available for installing fiber splice trays and fiber slack management spools.

Comparison of FS Two Types of 1U Rack Enclosures

The following chart lists the differences between the two types of 1U rack enclosures

Unloaded 1U FHD Slide-Out Fiber Enclosure Unloaded 1U Removable-Lid Fiber Enclosure
Fiber Count Max.96 Fibers Max.96 Fibers
Enclosure Type Slide-out-type Removable-lid-type
Price USD $89.00 USD $68.00
Material SPCC (Black Coating) SPCC (Black Coating)
loaded Items FHD MTP-LC cassettes, fiber adapter panels, fiber splice trays, and fiber slack management spools FHD MTP-LC cassettes, fiber adapter panels, fiber splice trays, and fiber slack management spools

All the above FS 1U rack mount enclosures are available for same day shipping now. If you do not find a rack fiber enclosure that fits your design requirements, custom services are also provided. Feel free to contact us at www.fs.com or sales@fs.com.

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