FS 400G Product Family Introduction

Updated on Jun 23, 2022


With the trend of data center development to higher rates, the networking landscape has shifted from 100G to 400G ethernet network advancement. To meet the demand of customers for higher speed, FS has been actively developing the 400G product family, which includes 400G switches, optical transceivers, cables, etc. This article will introduce FS 400G products family.


FS 400G N9500-32D switch FS 400G-QSFP/OSFP transceivers FS 200G/400G CFP2 DCO coherent transceivers FS 400G DAC/AOC cables FS 400G DAC/AOC Breakout Cables

FS 400G Switches

FS provides a spine switch for high-performance data centers. FS N9500-32D is a high-performance switch for high availability and longevity with some features.

  • 1+1 Dual AC PSU, and 5+1 redundant hot-swappable fans.

  • 32 QSFP-DD ports provide line-rate L2 and L3 switching.

  • Each port can support 1 x 400G or 1 x 100G, which can realize flexible.

  • 32x QSFP-DD ports support 100G/400G Ethernet interfaces, enabling 25/40/50/100/200/400GbE interface speeds if a breakout cable is used.

  • Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) supports the installation of compatible Network Operating System software, including SONiC, Open Network Linux (ONL), Arrcus ArcOS, etc.

FS N9500-32D switch supports the data connection by adding the PTP (Precision Time Protocol). PTP protocol is based on data packet timing distribution and synchronization with sub-microsecond accuracy meeting the precise requirements of the data center network for timing information.

FS 400G Transceivers

The FS 400G transceivers are available in two different types of packaging. QSFP-DD and OSFP are new packages developed to support 400G featuring their own performance. In addition, FS also provides CFP2 DCO transceivers for coherent transmission of DWDM at multiple rates (100G/200G/400G).


Wavelength 850nm 1271nm,1291nm,1311nm,1331nm 1310nm 1310nm 1310nm 1310nm 1310nm
Max Cable Distance 70m@OM3/100m@OM4 2km 10km 500m 10km 40km 2km
Max Data Rate 400Gbps 400Gbps 425Gbps 425Gbps (4x106.25Gb/s) 400Gbps 425Gbps 400Gbps
Connector MTP/MPO-16 LC Duplex LC Duplex MTP/MPO-12 (APC) MTP/MPO-12 LC Duplex MTP/MPO-12

The FS 400G QSFP-DD transceivers feature with the performance of low-power, high-density and high-speed. They can be used in the 400G ethernet network connectivity over the wavelength of 850nm and 1310nm. FS QSFP-DD optical modules with different wavelengths use different types of connectors and fiber cables turning out their different transmission distances. The longest transmission distance is 40km and the shortest is 70m.


Products 400G-SR8 OSFP PAM4 400G DR4 OSFP PAM4
Wavelength 850nm 1310nm
Connector MTP/MPO-16 MTP/MPO-12 (APC)
Max Cable Distance 100m 500m
Max Data Rate 425Gbps 425Gbps (4x106.25Gb/s)
Application scenarios 400G ethernet, data center and cloud networks 4x100G breakout for QSFP28-DR-100G, data center

The FS 400G OSFP transceivers also have two transmission wavelengths with different distances: 850nm and 1310nm. When the FS 400G OSFP transceivers are connected with MTP/MPO-16, it supports link lengths up to 100 meters. When the FS 400G OSFP transceivers are connected with MTP/MPO-12, there are four parallel 1310nm optical channels inside, supporting 400G link lengths up to 500 meters.

200G/400G CFP2 DCO

The FS 200G/400G CFP2 coherent transceivers are high-performance, cost-effective transceivers with a power consumption of 28W. They support flexible mesh DWDM tuning and provide 400GBase-DCO throughput over single-mode fiber (SMF) through LC connectors for up to 80 km. If EDFA is used, the transmission distance can reach 1000 km (200G) and 200 km (400G). It also supports Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM), adopting PM-QPSK (200G) , PM-16QAM (200G/400G) and PM-16QAM PS (200G) modulation formats. FS 200G/400G CFP2 coherent transceiver modules are used in 200G/400G DWDM data center interconnect (DCI) and OTU4/OTUCn metro optical transmission networks.

Product 400G CFP2 DCO
Grid Spacing 50GHz/75GHz(200G), 75GHz (400G)
Connector LC Duplex
LC Duplex SMF
Optical channels 80/96/(200G), 80(400G)
Max Data Rate 100/200/400Gbps
Transmission Protocols 100G/200G/400G/OTU4/OTUCn
Max Cable Distance 80km, 1000km (200G) w/ EDFA, 200km (400G) w/ EDFA

FS 400G transceivers use advanced analytical equipment to perform rigorous testing of optical modules, including TX/RX testing, temperature measurements, rate testing, and spectrometer evaluation testing to ensure transceivers performance and compatibility.

FS 400G Cables

When planning the 400G ethernet cablings or connection solutions, we should select components with lower insertion loss and better return loss to meet link high-density data center performance requirements. FS offers several wiring options, including DAC/AOC cables and breakout cables.

400G DAC/AOC Cables

FS 400G DAC cables have a new generation performance of QSFP by higher date transfer rate. At the same time, FS 400G DAC cables are designed with dual side drain cable and self-designed PCBA, provide low loss, less skew and better NEXT. They are suitable for very short links and offer a cost-effective way to establish a 400-ethernet network link between QSFP-400G ports of switches/routers within racks and across adjacent racks.

FS 400G AOC cables are used in 400 ethernet network links over OM4 multimode fibers, and contain eight multi-mode fibers (MMF) optic transceivers per end with the data transmission rates of up to 53Gb/s. They enable low-power, high-reliability and high-speed interconnections over very thin copper cables without using any optical components. FS 400G AOC cables are also utilized for relatively short connections, offering system providers and customers a high-density solution option for implementing 400G in data centers and cloud networks.

400G Breakout Cables

FS DAC/AOC breakout cables are available in three connection types to meet the high-density requirements of standard and combination connector configurations: 4x100G, 2x200G, 8x50G. Their low insertion loss and ultra-low crosstalk effectively improve transmission performance, and they are designed with a high degree of bending flexibility, providing a cost-effective solution for short links. FS DAC/AOC breakout cables are suitable for data center and network equipment and high-performance computing (HPC).

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